Samsung Galaxy A04e (SM-A042F) Price, Review And Specifications.



Samsung Galaxy A04e (SM-A042F) Quick Specs:
6.5" HD+ (1600×720) PLS-LCD Drop-notched Display.
271ppi, 20:9 Aspect Ratio.
MediaTek Helio P35 Chipset.
Android 12, Samsung One UI Core 4.1.
Dual-lens (13MP+QVGA) Back Camera.
Single-lens (5MP) Front Camera.
3GB of RAM (And up to 4GB Virtual RAM).
32GB/64GB Internal Storage.
Face Recognition.
USB Type-C Port:
4G (LTE) Network.
5000mAh Battery (10W Charging).
Starting Price:
72,000 naira, GHc 1,217, R 1,799, EGP 4,199, US $115.

Though Samsung Galaxy A04e (SM-A042F) comes in the body and maintain the screen size of its predecessor, yet the latest phone is equipped with a faster processor and higher RAM. Galaxy A04e is also pre-installed with the recent software. And it's also has a better rear camera. 

By the way, Samsung Galaxy A04e is the cheapest variant of the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy A04 series; a low-end Android phone series from the Samsung Mobile. Besides the Galaxy A04e, there's also standard variant Galaxy A04 (SM-A045F) and the better equipped Galaxy A04s (SM-A047F).

Though, all the three phones have a lot in common, yet each of them has its own unique features. For instance, and despite the fact that Galaxy A04e shares almost everything with the standard Galaxy A04, the standard phone is fitted with an higher megapixel rear camera. And it's also available in higher RAM and higher storage option.
On the other hand, and despite sharing almost all features with the Galaxy A04, the high priced Samsung Galaxy A04s comes with a better CPU, high screen refresh rate, and fingerprint reader.

Meanwhile, as i said earlier, Galaxy A04e comes in the body of its predecessor, i.e., Samsung Galaxy A03 Core, and it also features the same 6.5-inch screen size. Though the latest phone also retain many features of the earlier one, yet it packed a more better features.

In details, Samsung Galaxy A04e maintain the size, shape, and aspect ratio of the Galaxy A03 Core. The phone also sports an identical tear-drop notch (V-Infinity) on the top of its screen. This makes the front of the phone to looks exctly like that of the earlier model.
The back of the Galaxy A04e would have also looked like that of the A03 Core, if not for the presence of a dual-lens rear camera (compared to the single-lens of the earlier model).

And talking about its camera set-up. The earlier phone's 8-megapixel single rear sensor has been upgraded to a 13-megapixel dual sensor on the Galaxy A04e, but this phone still has a 5-megapixel selfie lens like its predecessor.
Besides the dual rear camera, another physical thing that distinguished Galaxy A04e from the A03 Core is USB Type-C. In other words, Samsung has upgraded the earlier phone's microUSB port to the USB Type-C on the Galaxy A04e.
Also under the hood, a major and notable upgrades have taken place. Firstly, the Unisoc SC9863A CPU that came with the earlier phone has been replaced with a more better Helio P35 CPU. The previous phone's 2GB of RAM has also been upgraded to 3GB. The latest phone also offers an higher storage space of 64GB (though the base variant of the Galaxy A04e still comes with 32GB inbuilt storage like the earlier one).

The better CPU and higher RAM is necessary for the efficient running of this latest phone, because it's pre-installed (out-of-the-box) with Android 12 OS, unlike the earlier's phone that came with Android 11 Go Edition. Also running on top of the Android OS is the latest version of Samsung's One UI Core. Even inspites of its better chipset and higher RAM, the performance of the Galaxy A04e can still be boosted through RAM Plus. RAM Plus allows you to increase the 3GB of RAM of the latest phone up to 7GB.

Features, like Face recognition, that was missing on the earlier model is also present on the Galaxy A04e. Also while maintaining the 5000mAh battery of its predecessor, Galaxy A04e comes with a slightly faster charging rate, this, in addition to its USB Type-C port. But, one feature that's missing on the previous model, and still missing on the A04e, is fingerprint reader.

Price And Design Colour:
Samsung Galaxy A04e is available in three design colour options of black, copper, and light blue. The price of the 3GB/32GB variant of the phone is around 72,000 naira. While that of the 3GB/64GB variant is about 84,000 naira.

Though Samsung Galaxy A04e does not have the sleek looks of many other low-budget Android phones, nor does it have a fingerprint reader or better front camera like them, but it surely has a better build quality than most of them. The phone also features a more beautiful and brighter display, and it offers USB Type-C port.

Another strong feature of this phone is its better processing power. Samsung Galaxy A04e has better scores in AnTuTu and Benchmark tests than many other low-cost (even some entry-level) Android phones.

And concerning its rear camera. Though i had mixed feeling first, but i later found out that the shorts from the 13-megapixel rear camera look quite okay, for a phone at this price point.
Note: there's no much difference between the shots from the 50-megapixel rear camera of the standard A04 and those of the 13-megapixel rear camera of the A04e. It's just that the shots from the A04 are slightly more detail, and they're less saturated (with colours).

At a lower price, Xiaomi Redmi A1 Plus offers similar build quality, pretty display, and decent rear cameras. But the Redmi phone is equipped with a little less powerful CPU.

DESIGN: Same Looks As The Earlier Model, But A04e Has Dual Rear Camera And USB Type-C port:
There is nothing refreshing and exciting about the looks of the Samsung Galaxy A04e, because the phone maintain the same bland design of its predecessors. In fact, the only way to easily tell apart Galaxy A04e from the Galaxy A03 Core is by its dual rear camera and USB Type-C port, otherwise, both of the phones are identical.

Besides having the same dimensions (164.2x75.9x9.1mm), same shape, and the same aspect ratio (20:9) as the earlier one, Galaxy A04e display also sports an identical tear-drop notch; which makes the front of the phone to also look exactly like that of the earlier phone, as i mentioned before.

The ports and buttons are also found in their respective positions. Because you still have the Power button and volume key on the right edge of the phone, while its 4G Dual-nano SIM+microSD card slot is also located on the left edge. This phone's microphone, 3.5mm audio jack, and speaker, are also placed on the bottom edge, alongside the recently introduced USB Type-C port.

Also as i said earlier, and like its predecessor, Galaxy A04e has no fingerprint reader. But the latest phone comes with Face Recognition; which was missing on the A03 Core. Even, despite that the latest phone also maintain the good build quality of the A03 Core, it's on the light side, about 188g, compared to the 211g weight of the A03 Core.

A Upgraded And More Detail Rear Camera:
The 13-megapixel dual rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy A04e comprises of a 13-megapixel Main sensor and a 2-megapixel Depth sensor (for portrait photos or photos with blur backgrounds or Bokeh effect).
Like those of other phones with similar rear camera set-up, photos from the main sensor of the A04e won't win you over, but they're good.

For a phone at this price point, the shots are moderately clear and detailed, with an unusual 10X Digital Zoom. Colours also look good too, though they're appear to be on the warm side sometimes, and a little saturated. And sometimes, you'll need a good lighting conditions to get a better result from this rear camera. Because, some shots are not as bright as you would have expected.,
Still and generally speaking, and at this price point, the shots from the rear camera of this phone looks quite okay. Even, the night shots are clear and detail with less photo noise.

On the other hand, and as expected of a 5-megapixel selfie lens, the shots from the front camera of the Galaxy A04e are moderately clear, but they're neither sharp nor detail. The selfies also seem to be on the warm side, and sometimes, colours appear pale.  But genarally, the selfies are clear and okay.
By the way, both the front and rear cameras of the Samsung Galaxy A04e are capable of shooting of 1080p videos at 30fps (frame per seconds).

Same Pretty-Looking 6.5-inch 720p Display:
Not only the 6.5-inch screen of the Galaxy A04e looks exactly like that of the A03 Core, it also maintain the exact display properties of the earlier one. Like its predecessors, for instance, Samsung Galaxy A04e display also has a PLS-LCD panel; which often accompany other Samsung Mobile's low-budget Android phones.
This screen also features the same HD+ or 720p resolution of 1600x720 (271ppi) as that of the earlier one.
The Galaxy A04e display also retain an impressive picture qualities of the earlier model. So, like that of the A03 Core in its time, the screen of the A04e also looks much better than those of other low-budget Android phones with an average IPS-LCD panels. Colours look good and vivid on this screen.

And because it also maintain the good contrast and high brightness level of its predecessor, the screen of the Galaxy A04e is clear and vibrant. Even, this screen is slightly brighter than that of the earlier model. As a result, it looks more vibrant and clearer under direct sunlight.

A Faster And More Better Chipset, Plus Recent Software:
As i said earlier, and while the Galaxy A03 Core was running on the Android 11 Go Edition OS (Operating System), Galaxy A04e was pre-installed with Android 12 OS. The latest phone is also powered by a different CPU (Helio P35).
Though Mediatek Helio P35 is also an octa-core chipset like the Unisoc SC9863A that's inside A03 Core. However, the Helio P35 is a 12nm CPU, compared to the 28nm Unisoc SC9863A. Also while the processing speeds of the Unisoc processor clocked at 1.6Ghz, the MediaTek CPU has a more faster processing speeds of up to 2.3Ghz. The MediaTek CPU is also more power efficient.

A faster CPU, combined with a higher RAM and a more better optimized Samsung's One UI Core 4.1, enable Galaxy A04e to move faster than the Galaxy A03 Core. And they also enable the latest phone to run Android 12 OS smoothly. Not to forget that the performance of the Galaxy A04e can still be boosted through RAM Plus.

Similar to Infinix and Tecno Mobiles' MemFusion, or Redmi's RAM Extension, Samsung's RAM Plus enables you to convert certain amount of your phone's internal storage to Virtual RAM. In the case Galaxy A04e, RAM Plus enables you to convert up to 4GB of free space (out of the phone's inbuilt storage) to RAM. Thereby allowing you to increase the 3GB of RAM of the phone up to 7GB.

Meanwhile, whether in 3GB/32GB variant or 3GB/64GB variant, the internal storage capacity of the Samsung Galaxy A04e can still be expanded, via microSD card, up to 1TB (One Terabyte).

Same Battery, But USB Type-C Port And Increased Charging Speed:
Though Samsung Galaxy A04e packed the same 5000mAh battery as its predecessor, but apart from having USB Type-C port (which replaces the microUSB port of the earlier phone), the latest phone also features standard 10W charging; which is slightly faster than the earlier phone's 8W charging.

So, with the phone's out-of-the-box 10W charger, it will take you a little over three hours (compared to almost four hours of the earlier one) to fully charge Galaxy A04e when it drops to zero per cent. Also as a result of its more power efficient chipset, Galaxy A04e battery lasted a little longer than that of the A03 Core on a single charging.

Full Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy A04e (SM-A042F):
Maker: Samsung Mobile.
Name: Galaxy A04e (SM-A042F).
Year Announced: November, 2022.
Dimensions: 164.2x75.9x9.1mm
Weight: 188g.   
Colour: Light Blue, Copper & Black.

Screen Type: PLS-LCD capacitive Touchscreen.
Size and Resolution: 6.5-inch, HD+, 1600-by-720 pixels, 60Hz Refresh Rate.
Aspect ratio & Pixel Densities: 20:9, 271PPI.
Protection N/a.

3.5mm Audio Jack: Yes.
USB Type-C Port: Yes.
MicroUSB port: No.
Lightning Connector: No.
Google Assistant Button: No.

Chipset: MediaTek Helio P35 Octa-core Processor, 2.3GHz.
GPU: PowerVR-GE8320.
RAM: 3GB (up to 4GB Extra through RAM Plus).
Operating System: Android 12, One UI Core 4.1.

Internal Storage: 32GB/64GB.
Micro-SD card slot: Yes, up to 1TB (Terabyte).

SIM: Nano, Dual SIM slots.
Network:  GSM, WCDMA, HSPA+, LTE.

Rear camera: Dual-lens; (13MP f/2.2+2MP f/2.4) With LED-Flash.
Front camera: Single-lens, 5MP (f/2.2) Single Front Flash.

Rear Cameras: 720p, 1080p @ 30 fps.
Front Camera: 720p, 1080p, @ 30 fps.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, HotSpots, NFC, USB-OTG.

Security: Face recognition, Screen pattern, & PIN.
Sensors: Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor, G-sensor, Accelerometer And
Barometer sensor.
Others: GPS, Location (Geo, Glonass), Radio.

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh.
Qi Wireless-Charging: N/a.
Fast Charging: No (10W).

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