Itel P38 (P661W) Price, Review And Specifications.

Itel P38 (P661W) Quick Specs:
6.6" HD+ (1612×720) Drop-notch Display.
268ppi, 20.15:9 Aspect Ratio.
Unisoc SC7731E Chipset.
Android 11 (Go Edition).
Dual-lens (8MP+0.3MP) Back Camera.
Single-lens (5MP) Front Camera.
2GB of RAM.
32GB Internal Storage.
Face Unlock.
Fingerprint reader (Rear-mounted).
Max network Supported (3G).
5000mAh Battery/ 15W Fast Charging.
Price: 55,500 naira, KSh 9,900.

Itel P38 (p661w) is one of the few low budget android phones in the market that manage to present the buyers with the looks and some of the features of the midrange phones.
Also compared to its predecessor, i.e., Itel P37 (p651w), Itel P38 offers a slightly larger and clearer display. The phone also features  recent Android OS and support fast charging.

By the way, Itel P38 is the latest model of the Itel P-series, and the successor to the last year's Itel P37. Also released alongside the phone is the better equipped Itel P38 Pro (p682l), which is also the successor to the Itel P37 Pro (p681l).

Meanwhile, as a result of a similar drop-notched display, Itel P38 resembles Itel P37, but the latest phone looks and feels more premium. 
Itel P38 screen bezels are slimmer, and it also comes with a huge and trendy rectangular-shape rear camera bump; which covers half of the upper part of the phone's back cover. As a result, the rear-mounted fingerprint reader of the Itel P38 is found inside the camera bump, along with its dual rear camera.

Also compared to the 6.5-inch screen of the Itel P37, Itel P38 has a slightly larger screen of 6.6-inch. In addition to its larger size, the screen also features a distinct 720p or HD+ resolution. And it's slightly sharper, clearer and brighter than that of the Itel P37.
However, Itel P38 camera set-up remain as that of the Itel P37. Because the phone also features an 8-megapixel dual rear camera, and a 5-megapixel front camera.

The situation remain the same under the hood. Because the phone also retain the 2GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage, and Unisoc SC7731E CPU of the earlier phone. However, while the earlier phone was running on the Android 10 Go Edition OS, Itel P38 is running on a more recent Android 11 Go Edition.
The same hardware configuration also means that Itel P38, like its predecessor, doesn't pack enough processing power, or fast enough, to multi-task and open Apps quickly. Nonetheless, this phone runs fine, as long as you don't push it.

Apart from its premium looks, bigger display, and recent Android OS, another unique feature of the Itel P38 (compared to its predecessor and others in this category) is its support for fast charging. In other words, and despite retaining the 5000mAh battery and microUSB port of the earlier model, Itel P38 supports 15W Quick charging.

Furthermore, the latest phone also comes with 3-in-1 or Hybrid SIM tray (and slot), unlike the earlier model that you have to open its back cover, before you can have access to its SIM cards and microSD card slots.
Still like the earlier phone, Itel P38 doesn't support 4G (LTE). In other words, Itel P38 is a 3G phone.

Price And Design Colours:
Currently, the price of the Itel P38 is about 55,500 naira. And it's available in three colour options of Nebular Black, Galaxy Blue, and Spruce Green.

Because, most of the features of the Itel P38 are still like those of others in this segment, therefore, the main selling points of the phone are its pretty and trendy design, large 720p display, and 15W fast charging.
By the way, Infinix Smart 6 3G is another contender in this category. It has almost everything in common with the Itel phone. It also has a better front-facing camera. But the Infinix phone does not support fast charging, and it's also running on the Android 10 OS.
Also, as the name suggested, Infinix Smart 6 3G is a 3G phone like the Itel P38.

If you desire 4G phone, within this price range, i'll suggest you go for Tecno Pop 6 (be7) or Samsung Galaxy A03 Core. You might want to check them out.
And if you're looking for a low-budget android phone, with an array of impressive and essential features, add money and go for Itel P38 Pro.

Similar But Refreshing Looks:
Though, Itel P38 sports a drop-notched display like the earlier model, but the phone slightly bigger size, taller aspect ratio (20.15:9), and bigger camera bump give it a distinct and premium looks.
Also while the back cover of the earlier phone was plain and smooth to touch, the one on the Itel P38 is decorated with bumpy fine lines. Also, there is an engraved Play inscription on the back cover of the phone. Nonetheless, the latest phone still has a non-reflective or matte finish like the Itel P37.
Also as i mentioned earlier, and unlike its predecessor, Itel P38 features 3-in-1 SIM slot and tray, and they're located on its left edge. Not only that, the arrangements of other ports and buttons are slightly different from those of the earlier model.
Though the power button and volume keys are still placed on the right edge of the phone. But unlike the earlier phone that has its 3.5mm audio jack placed on the top edge, the 3.5mm audio jack of the Itel P38 is located on the bottom edge. Which means there is nothing on the top edge of the Itel P38. 

Also while the single speaker of the earlier phone was placed on the back, the one on the Itel P38 is found on the bottom edge, alongside the 3.5mm audio jack, microphone, and MicroUSB port.

Large And Pretty Display:
Though the slightly larger display of the Itel P38 has an IPS-LCD panel, like the one on the earlier model. And it also features a 720p or HD+ resolution. But while the 6.5-inch screen of the Itel P37 has an HD+ resolution of 1600x720, the 6.6-inch screen of the latest phone has a slightly different HD+ resolution of 1612x720. 

This also means that the 6.6-inch of the Itel P38 has a pixel density or sharpness of 268ppi; which is almost the same with the 269ppi of the Itel P37. Yet, the screen of the latest phone is more brighter, clearer, and slightly sharper. The colours also look better.
However, the colours are still not as rich as those of other slightly more expensive entry-level android phones. Still in this category, and besides the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core, Itel P38 display is still among the better looking ones. In fact, the picture quality of this screen is almost on par with that of the better equipped Itel P38 Pro.

Decent Cameras:
The camera set-up on the Itel P38 remain as that of the earlier model. As the phone also has a 5-megapixel sensor on its front, and an 8-megapixel (8+0.3) dual sensor on its back. This type of camera setup is common among android phones in this price range.

Surprisingly, both the front and rear cameras of the Itel P38 were abe to take decent pictures. Though as expected of photos from a 5-megapixel sensor, the selfies from the front camera are not detail. Yet they are clear, without over-exposure. The colours also look good, though they seemed to be slightly on the saturated side, but they are good.

The same can be said of the phone's rear camera. Which even delivers a slightly clearer pictures, as a result of its better sensor. But if you really want a nice looking shots from these cameras, you need a good lighting condition.

Meanwhile, like the earlier model, the video recording for both the front and rear cameras of the Itel P38 is capped at 720p at 30fps (frame per second). And it has no Image Stabilization (OIS of EIS).

Recent Software, But Same Ol' Processing Power:
Itel P38 might have an attractive design, pretty large display, and decent cameras, but processing power is not one of its strong features.
Though for a phone at this price point, Itel P38 speed is ok. But generally speaking, and compared to other slightly more expensive entry-level android phones, including Itel P38 Pro, this phone processing power is on the slow side. It takes more than a couple of seconds for this phone to open even light apps.
But the problem is not with the 2GB of RAM of the phone, the culprit is the old, low-tier Unisoc SC7731E CPU that powered this phone. This is the same 1.3Ghz quad-core processor that came with the Itel P37, and prior model.

And because the chipset also features a low-tier Mali-T820 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), even playing light games on this phone requires patience. Especially when the phone is now running on the Android 11 Go Edition OS, unlike the earlier model that's running on the Android 10 Go Edition.
Still, as i said earlier, Itel P38 processing power is okay, for a phone at this price point.
Meanwhile, like its predecessor, the 32GB inbuilt storage of the Itel P38 can also be expanded, via microSD card, up to 64GB.

Same 5000mAh Battery, But Faster Charging Rate:
In addition to its looks, display and camera, the fourth selling point of Itel P38 is its support for fast charging. While retaining the 5000mAh battery of its predecessor, the charging rate of the phone is three times (3x) faster than that of the Itel P37. In other words, and compared to 5W charging rate of the earlier phone, Itel P38 support a much faster charging rate of 15W. Therefore, and with the phone's out-of-the-box 15W charger, it'll take you about three hours to fully charge this phone battery when it drops to one percent. While it took the earlier's phone almost four and half hours to do so (with its 5W charger).

Full Specifications Of The Itel P38 (P661W):
Maker: Itel Mobile.
Name: Itel P38 (p661w).
Year Announced: May, 2022.
Dimensions: N/a
Weight: N/a.   
Colour: Spruce Green, Galaxy Blue & Nebula Black.

Screen Type: IPS-LCD Capacitive Touchscreen.
Size and Resolution: 6.6-inch (6.56), HD+ (1612x720) pixels.
Aspect ratio & Pixel Densities: 20.15:9, 268PPI.
Protection N/a.

Chipsept: Unisoc (Spreadtrum) SC7731E, 32nm Cortex-A7 Quad-Core Processor, @1.3GHz.
GPU: Arm Mali-T820 MP1.
Operating System: Android 11 (Go Edition).

Internal Storage: 32GB.
Micro-SD card slot: Yes, up to 64GB.

SIM: Nano, Dual SIM slots.
Network:  GSM, WCDMA, HSPA+.

Rear camera: Dual-lens; 8MP+QVGAMP, LED Flash.
Front camera: Single-lens, 5MP.

Rear Cameras: 720p @ 30fps.
Front Camera: 720p @ 30fps.

3.5mm Audio Jack: Yes.
MicroUSB port: Yes.
Google Assistant Button: N/a.
USB Type-C Port: N/a.
Lightning Connector: N/a.
Others: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, HotSpots, USB-OTG.

Security: Face Unlock, Rear-mounted Fingerprint Reader.
Sensors: Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor, G-sensor, Accelerometer And
Barometer sensor.
Others: GPS, Location (Geo, Glonass), Radio.

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh.
Qi Wireless-Charging: N/a.
Fast Charging: Yes (15W).

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