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LG Unveiled G7ThinQ, A Phone with AI Features

Tweet Reviews say LG has familiar-feeling to its G7ThinQ design, not only because the design resembles those of most of 2018 high-end phones, also because the phone share similar specifications with those flagship phones. For instnce, G7thinQ has a small cutout at the top of the display, which is otherwise known as notch (LG called it New Second Screen ) which can be found in the likes of iPhone X, Huawei P20 Pro and so on. And if you don't like the notch. Just like in those aforementioned phones, there are provisions (in settings) of black bars and backgrounds for user to hide the notch of G7thinQ. But there are other features that can be found in this phone that are worth looking at:                 *Super Bright display: If not all, most of the flagship phones this year come with OLED displays, which are known for its ability to display good contrast and deep black, However, G7ThinQ comes with IPS Display. Interestingly, the phone Super Bright feature makes

Complete Lists of 2017 LG TV Series, Models and Their Different Features.

Tweet First, Like other major TV makers that are gradually moving away from Curved TV and TV with 3D features, LG finally dropped TVs with those two features in its 2017 TV lineup. Check the full lists of all 2018 LG TV models  Secondly, there 4 categories of LG TV models, and Except in its 2017 OLED TV models who are denoted by "7" , all other 3 categories of LG 2017 Non-OLED TV models can be easily recognized by the their denoted letter "J"  at third position in their model numbers, while the second position usually occupied by letter that indicate the amount of pixels (resolution). The first position is occupied by screen size. For example, let's take "49" that can be found across all models, except OLED models. LG 49SJ****, 49=screen size, S= Super UHD (4k) with Nano cell , J= 2017 model LG 49UJ****, 49=screen size, U= UHD (4K), J= 2017 model, 49LJ****, 49=screen size, L= Full HD (1080p), J= 2017 model. *Note: Althou

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