Complete List Of The 2019 Samsung TV Models And Their Different Features.

Though, Samsung introduces AirPlay 2 (as a result of its partnership with the Apple), Ultra Viewing Angle and 1 or 2 other new features. But, what the company did most in its 2019 TV line up is; extending some of the features of its year 2018 flagship or premium models to the mid-range and some selective models.
Samsung also made improvements to some of the existing features, so that more of its 2019 TV models can delivers a more accurate colours and vivid pictures than their predecessors.

For instance, the Quantum Processor (which was limited to the 2018 8K QLED TV) is now extended to all the 2019 4K UHD TV models with QLED panel, including the Lifestyle TVs. And Speaking of the Samsung Lifestyle TV; the 2019 Frame and Serif TV also feature QLED display, instead of the usual VA-LED display that came with their 2018 counterparts.

In addition, the company also introduces more bigger screens in its 2019 TV line up. For instance, unlike the last year's NU7100 models that had 40-inch…

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