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Complete Lists of 2018 LG TV Series, Models and Their Different Features.

  Tweet There are new and improved features in LG's 2018 TV lineup, and the prominent ones among these features are Alpha 9 Processor , LG ThinQ AI and FALD . There is also an introduction of Active HDR into the 1080p (LK) series . Furthermore, except its OLED TVs that are denoted by "8" , all other LG's 2018 TVs can be recognized by the letter "K" at the third position of their model numbers. More on LG TVs year, model & serial no. Alpha 9 Processor:  Is the current LG TVs fastest video processor, twice faster than the most GPU (+CPU) found in other makers' high-end TVs. The addition of the Alpha 9 processor indicates that, those LG TVs with this processor will deliver smoother fast-paced videos i.e. TVs with better motion handling capability . This is the reason LG claims that the Alpha 9 was designed to easily support and handle High Frame Rate (HFR) broadcasts such as native 4k/120 fps content streaming. Apart from motion h

Full Specifications and Price of Infinix Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro.

 The newly introduced Smart 2 is the subsequent version of the last year Smart X5010 , a budget smartphone of Infinix Mobility . Meanwhile, this year's model comes in 2 variants, i.e. the base  Smart 2 and the higher Smart 2 Pro . Smart X1050 was known for its low price and at the same time, possession of specs that are mostly found in mid-range phones. Again, this year Smart 2 maintain that reputation i.e. they offer better and up-to-date specifications yet, with affordable price that is hard to beat in the phone market. Like in any other Series phones, in which the new one always shares one or two (or more) features with its predecessor(s), Smart 2 comes with internal storage of 16 GB and almost similar battery capacity that came with the previous Smart X5010 . But as usual, the new phones have latest, improved and upgrade features. First on the spec's sheet of the Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro is 4G (LTE) network which guarantees faster internet speed and stab

Price Of 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro, Full Specification And Review.

 Like its predecessor, The 2018 MacBook Pro comes with excellent built quality and the exterior colour option is still either Silver or Space Grey . In fact, when it comes to Physical appearance, the new 15-inch MacBook Pro is identical to previous model. Inwardly, however, the latest laptop is now upgraded with new specs. Also, with the aid of the T2 Chip , which just found its way into the MacBook Pro, the innovative laptop now possesses some enhanced AI-driven features. for instance, unlike previous model, this year MacBook Pro now comes with " hands free" Hey siri . Meanwhile, many old specs remain the same in the new laptop, still, a few changes have been made to this year 15-inch MacBook Pro;  True Tone Display : The 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro Display still comes with 15.4-inch retina display and IPS-LED backlit , the aspect ratio is still 16:10 with native resolution of 2880*1800 . Note: if you want a good laptop with thinnest bezels, touchscreen and

2018 Dell XPS 15 (9570); a true representation of power and elegance!

  Tweet  Note: this short review is not about the newly introduced Dell XPS 15 9575, i.e., the 2-in-1 convertible variant of the standard XPS 15. Instead this is about 9570; the 2018 model of the usual Dell XPS 15. XPS 15 9570 Design : Talking about its design, this year model could be said to be an upgraded version of the 2017 XPS 9560 because both of them are physically identical in every aspect, therefore, it's hard to tell one apart from the other. Dell XPS 15 2018 (9570) is a solidly built laptop, like its predecessor, the outer body i.e. the back  of the base and the lid of the laptop are made up of aluminum material, while the interior , which includes the screen bezels, backlit keyboard, touchpad and palm rest are made of black, carbon fibre. The new laptop weigh about 1.8kg with the standard 56 WHr battery and 1080p display, but with 4k display and the 97 WHr battery the comes with it, the laptop has a weight of 2kg. Meanwhile, if you have issue with

Honor 10 GT: Huawei First 8GB RAM Smartphone With GPU Turbo

 Tweet Huawei has introduced its first 8GB of RAM smartphone named Honor 10 GT and the phone will be available before the end of the month. Honor 10 GT is the successor and enhanced version of the recently released Honor 10 , the company's midrange phone. This indicates that Honor 10 GT is also a mid range phone with whooping 8GB of RAM, which can only be found among few premium phones. Apart from higher RAM and GPU Turbo , Honor 10 GT shares similar specs with Honor 10 which also means the price will only increase slightly. Below is a quick look at the spec of Honor 10 GT. Design : The phone appears brilliant (but not dazzling) due to its all-glass design most especially at the back, and the colour appears clean too, the design somehow resembles that of Huawei P20 Pro . The rare 19:9 aspect ratio of the Honor 10 GT makes it unusually narrower, and this in turn makes it possible for the phone to be  held and operated with one hand comfortably. Kirin 970 Chipset : The

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