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Full Specs and Prominent Features of Infinix Hot S3


Infinix Hot S3, the bigger and stronger version of S2, is currently a deal breaker among its peers (mid-entry Android phones) in the market and its price starts from #60, 000 upward. S3 comes with a plastic body and curved edges that allow the phone to fit more into your palm.

Android 8.0 (Oreo) and Snapdragon Processor
S3 is equipped with the latest version of android O.S i.e. Android 8.0 (Oreo) and Qualcomm
Snapdragon SD430 Octa-core processor, up to 1.4 GHz processing power. These 2 specs distinguished S3 from the rest of its competitors within that range.

20MP Front Camera with dual-flash
Unlike S2 and S2 Pro that came with Dual front cameras for taking both Selfie and Welfie (Wide angle pictures), S3 comes with single 20MP front camera with dual-flash, however, this high MP front camera of S3 makes it stands out among the rest.

32GB Internal Storage and 3GB RAM
S3 has 3GB of RAM, and while many other mid-range phones still come with 16GB internal Storage, S3 offers 32GB , but …

Simple and easy process of examining and buying used Hdd.


Note: The focus of the write up is on Hard Disk Drive (HDD) alone, it doesn't involve other types of hard drives, such as, Solid State Drive (SDD), this is because HDD is the only one among them that has mechanical components.

There has been a general opinion among PC users  that  if one needs hdd either as a replacement, an upgrade or external backup, one should consider buying a new one. I also support that view, though the fact still remains that buying a new hdd doesn't mean it won't develop faults within months or a year. So, if you are not financially constrained and you need an hdd, you can buy new one and safe yourself from the doubt of buying used hdd and the stress of going through these tips, but if you are left  with no choice but to buy used one, continue reading and i'll tell you how we, over the years, have used the simple process to buy used hdds that serve our needs  for a long time. The followings are the tips, but first where can one get used h…

Major types of Hard Drive And Their Basic Properties.


Solid-states drives (ssds) are gradually replacing Hard disk drives (Hdd). Unlike hdds that have mechanical components,  basically, ssds are made up of flash memory. Therefore, it is easier for  manufacturers to produce them in small shapes and sizes to meet the demands of PC buyers who desire smaller and faster hard drives that also power efficient. However, it's becoming difficult for average PC users to readily identify the type or shape of hard drives(s) that come with their PCs, especially when there is need for replacement or upgrades. So far, the following are types of hard drives (starting from phased out IDE) and basic information about them.


Parallel ATA popularly known as IDE (Integrated Drive Electronic) is the type of hdd of which interface connector is made up of array of pins. They are usually made in sizes of 2.5, 3.5 and 5.25 inches. However, this type of hdd is obsolete, it used to come with laptops and desktops PCs in the mid 90s till late 2000s.…

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