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Google Chrome 66 Prevents Auto-play Videos With Sound On Websites


Google just rolls out the latest version of its popular browser, Chrome; which also the world most popular web browser, according to NetMarketShare, Chrome now has a worldwide market share of about 60 percent. The Chrome 66, like the rest of the previous version, is designed for Windows, Mac, Android and other prominent O.S. Apart from improved design and fixing the security bugs that used to affect some of the previous versions there are other improved security features such as Password Exports.
However, the prominent  feature of Chrome 66 is its default videos auto-play prevention, the browser prevents any websites (such as YouTube) with pre-loaded videos, especially the ones with sound, from playing automatically when open  such website in a new page. It does this by muted the sound and disable the video playback, though, similar feature was introduced in Chrome 64 but it can only be muted manually.
 Therefore, this is a good development for many Chrome users because unexpect…

Camon X Pro VS Camon X: The Differences Between Them.


Camon and Camon X Pro are the latest models of  Camon phone series of Tecno Mobile. Except for the slightly increased screen size and back camera's MP, Camon X specs can be said to be in the same category of the recently released Infinix Hot S3. However, Camon X Pro is ahead of others in its class with its leading and more-equipped specs.

Display and Body: Camon X and X Pro have firmly built plastic bodies. Each of them comes with big screen of 6.0 inches, and instead of regular HD+ (720p) of Camon X, X Pro has Full HD+ (1080p) resolution with unrivalled 500 nit of display brightness, but both have trendy aspect ratio of 18:9. In spite of their 6.0" sizes, i mean their big screens, the phones appear smaller, thinner and flatter, thanks to their uncommon 5.2mm thicknesses and slimmer bezels, though it seems X Pro has slimmer bezels than X.

Ram, Storage, and Processor: While Camon X has 3GB Ram, X Pro has whooping 4GB Ram, that can only be found, currently, in high end phon…

What You Must Know About P20 Pro, World First 3 Camera Phone


Although, Huawei smartphones such as P10 and Mate10 Pro, at one time or another, have found  themselves  among the top 10 or 20  in the lists of phones with the best camera. Again there are indications now that P20 Pro may find its spot among the top 3 phones with the best camera. This is Not as a result of number of cameras (3 precisely) that come with the phone, but  because of improvements  in picture quality that the cameras brought to shots taken with the phone which rivals those of top phones in market. In other word, picture quality is now on the same level with the two or
three main phones that are widely known for their best camera in the market, and those main ones
 are  Google's Pixel2 XL, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. Added to this are other remarkable specs that is making it on a par with flagship phones of major brands. In fact, it seems Huawei captured the main specs of iPhone X and galaxy S9 and reintroduced them in P20 Pro.
Firstly, let's look at wh…

Samsung Galaxy S9, The Upgraded Version of S8.


After weeks of speculations and leaks, Samsung S9 and S9+ were finally unveiled on Feb. 25th (as scheduled) at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018), Barcelona, Spain. And the duo hit stores on March 16th.
In appearance, there is no obvious departure from S8 & S8+ except in minor tweaks at the back of the phones such as re-positioning of fingerprint reader and the introduction of double-camera for S9+, also there is an increase in weight and thickness. Although some people were expecting bells and whistles specs and changes that S8 brought which is quite a departure from S7 designs, they didn't quite see much difference between S9 and its predecessor when it was eventually unveiled.

Apart from these small hardware alterations and improvements, especially in S9+, every other aspects are almost the same as that of S8s, therefore, because of these almost alike designs, it could be said that the S9 is either improved version of S8 or it is in a class of its own.

Hence, the …

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