Itel P37 (P651W) Vs Itel P37 Pro (P681L): Price, Review And Specifications.



Itel P37 (P651W) Quick Specs:
6.5" HD+ (1600×720) Drop-notch Display.
269ppi, 19.5:9 Aspect Ratio.
Unisoc SC7731E Chipset.
Android 10 (Go Edition).
Dual-lens (8MP+0.3MP) Back Camera.
Single-lens (5MP) Front Camera.
2GB of RAM.
32GB Internal Storage.
Face Unlock.
Fingerprint reader (Rear-mounted).
Network Supported (3G).
5000mAh Battery.
Price: 53,500 naira, KSh 8,500.

Itel P37 Pro (P681L) Quick Specs:
6.8" HD+ (1640×720) Drop-notch Display.
254ppi, 20.5:9 Aspect Ratio.
Unisoc SC9863A Chipset.
Android 10 (Go Edition).
Dual-lens (13MP+0.3MP) Back Camera.
Single-lens (8MP) Front Camera.
2GB/3GB of RAM.
32GB/64GB Internal Storage.
Face Unlock.
Fingerprint reader (Rear-mounted).
Network Supported (4G/LTE).
5000mAh Battery.
Price: 70,500 naira, KSh 8,500.

Both of the recently unveiled Itel P37 (P651W) and Itel P37 Pro (P681L) are low budget android phones. And they both succeeded last year's Itel P36 and Itel P36 Pro (LTE).
Compared to other Itel phone series, the P-Series is often equipped with bigger batteries, hence, the name Power (P) Series. So, like their predecessors, each of these phones is equipped with 5000mAh battery.
However, because they are low budget android phones, each of them has 2GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage (though Itel P37 Pro is also available in 3GB of RAM and 64GB storage). Also due to their low RAMs, both of them are running on the Go Edition of the Android 10 OS.

However, as expected of the Pro model, some of the features of the Itel P37 Pro (or Itel Vision 2 Plus in some region) are better than those of the Itel P37.
For instance, Itel P37 Pro support 4G (LTE) networks but Itel P37 is a 3G phone. And despite that both of them have the same RAM and storage configurations, Itel P37 Pro is fitted with a better chipset. Although both of their CPUs are low tier Unisoc (Spreadtrum) chipsets, but while the base phone is fitted with the Unisoc SC7731E Quad-Core CPU, the Pro model is equipped with Unisoc SC9863A Octa-Core CPU.

The camera systems on the Itel P37 Pro are also better than the ones on the base model. While the Pro phone is fitted with an 8-megapixel front camera and a 13-megapixel dual back camera, the base model comes with a 5-megapixel front camera and an 8-megapixel dual back camera.

Futthermore, despite that the fronts of the two phones look almost alike (which is as result of their identical drop-notch displays), the Pro model offers a slightly bigger screen of 6.8-inch, while the base model is fitted with a 6.52-inch screen, 
Also, compared to that of the base model, the body of the Pro model is slightly narrower (and taller). And in spite of their similar 720p resolutions, the slightly bigger screen of the Itel P37 Pro looks clearer and it also renders richer colours than that of the Itel P37.

Price And design Colours:
Currently, the price of the Itel P37 is about 53,500 naira, and it comes in three colour options of Gradient purple, Gradient Blue and Dark Blue. On the other hand, Itel P37 Pro attracts a little higher price of 70,500 naira and it's also available in three but different colour options of Gradation Blue, Gradation Green and Gradation Sea Blue.

Design: They Both Look Almost  Alike:
As i said earlier, both of the Itel P37 and P37 Pro look almost identical, which is as a result of their similar drop-notch displays. But when you placed them side by side, you'll notice that the P37 Pro appears slightly bigger and taller than the P37. And it's because each of them have different screen sizes and aspect ratios.
Nonetheless, like the base model, the bigger phone is easier to hold and operate with one hand comfortably, but it's still not as comfy as the base model.


And talking about their build quality, Itel P37 Pro has a better build quality than the Itel P37, the Pro phone also looks and feels more premium than base model. The bezels around the screen of the Pro model also appear slightly slimmer (perhaps, because the Pro model has bigger screen).

While the fronts of the two phones look almost alike, their backs look slightly different. Though the back camera bumps on both phones have similar rectangular shape, yet, the camera bump on the Pro model looks more classic than the one on the base phone. But despite that the camera bump on the P37 is not as attractive as the one on the P37 Pro, still their is a large stripe, or big line, on the back of the phone (missing on the Pro model); which makes the entire back of the Itel P37 to look attractive too.

Meanwhile, both phones' fingerprint readers and Itel branding are located in a similar positions. Though their power buttons and volume rockers are also located in a similar positions, i.e., on their right edges, but the positions of other ports, are slightly different.
Unlike the P37 Pro that has a dual Nano SIM+SD card slot (and tray) on its left edge, there is nothing on the left edge of the P37, you'll have to open the back cover of the base phone before you can have access to its dual Nano SIM card slots and microSD card slot.

Also while the 3.5mm audio jack, microphone, microUSB port and the single speaker of the Pro model are all located on its bottom edge, there are only microphone and microUSB ports on the bottom edge of the P37. This is because the 3.5mm audio jack of the base phone is found on its top edge while its speaker is located on the back cover (towards the bottom end).

Despite Having Similar HD+ Resolutions, Itel P37 Pro Display Looks Better:
Although, both phones' screens feature 720p or HD+ resolutions. But as a result of their different aspect ratios, the HD+ resolution of the Itel P37 Pro display is made up of 1640 by 720 pixels, while that of the Itel P37 is made up of 1600 by 720 pixels. Which also means that the 6.52-inch screen of the P37 has a pixel density of 269ppi while the slightly bigger 6.8-inch display of the Itel P37 Pro has a lower pixel density of 254ppi.

Though, for a phone within this price range, the pictures and colours on the Itel P37 display are good, but i don't think the display actually has a pixel density of 269ppi, as stated. Because, in practical, the lower ppi and slightly bigger display of the P37 Pro is much clearer than that of the Itel P37. Not only that, the colours on the Pro screen are richer and they also look more accurate. 


Yet, in spite of its clarity and good contrast, the colour accuracy and brightness of the Pro screen are still not as good as those of the slightly more expensive or midrange phones.
Nonetheless, the picture qualities of each of the Itel P37 and P37 Pro displays are still better than those of their predecessors.

Photos From The Pro Cameras Also Look Better:
In spec sheet as well as in practice, the front and back cameras on the P37 Pro are better than the ones on the P37. In other words, and due to its better or higher megapixel (front and back) cameras, the qualities of the photos taken with the Itel P37 Pro cameras are better than the ones taken with the Itel P37 cameras. In addition to that, the cameras of the Pro phone are also capable of shooting 720p and 1080p videos at 30fps, while those of the base model are only capable of shooting 720p videos at the same 30fps. 

Same RAM, Storage And OS, But The Pro Model Has A Better CPU:
As i mentioned before, the Unisoc SC7731E that powered Itel P37 is a Quad-core CPU and it has a maximum processing speed of 1.3GHz. But apart from being an Octa-core CPU, the Unisoc SC9863A that is inside Itel P37 Pro, also offers a faster maximum clock speed of 1.6GHz. Therefore and despite that both phones feature 2GB of RAMs, Itel P37 Pro moves faster than the Itel P37 and it also has smoother performances. Yet, many pre-installed bloatwares still hinder the performance of the Pro model, once in a while.

Also, like its CPU, the PowerVR-GE8322 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) that comes with the P37 Pro is better than the Mali-T820 inside the Itel P37. Though both of them are low tier GPUs, and they are suitable for light games, yet, PowerVR-GE8322 is a recent and more powerful of the two GPUs.

And i said earlier, and due to their low RAMs, Itel P37 and P37 Pro are only capable of running the lighter or Go Edition version of Android OS (Operating System). But instead of having the Go Edition of the recent Android 11 OS, both of the phones are running on the Android 10 (Go Edition) like their predecessors. 

And because they can take MicroSD cards, both phones internal storage capacities can also be expanded. But while the internal storage space of the Itel P37 can be expanded up to 64GB, that of the Itel P37 Pro can be expanded up to 128GB.

Same 5000mAh Batteries With The same 5W Chargers:
Besides having 5000mAh batteries like their predecessors, each of these phones also retains out-of-the-box 5W charger like the earlier models.
Therefore, because they do not support fast charging and their chargers' capacity is lower than the 10W chargers that often accompany midrange and slightly expensive entry-level android phones, it'll take you about four hours to fully charge the Itel P37 Pro and P37 batteries when they drop to 1 percent.

Full Specifications Of The Itel P37 (P651W) And Itel P37 Pro (P681L):
Itel Mobile.
Itel P37 (P651W)
Itel P37 Pro (P681L).
Year Announced:
Itel P37: May, 2021.
Itel P37 Pro: June 2021.
Itel P37: 165.4x76.2x8.9mm.
Itel P37 Pro: 165.4x76.2x8.9mm.
Itel P37: 198g
Itel P37 Pro: 204g
Itel P37: Gradient Purple, Gradient Blue & Dark Blue.
Itel P37 Pro: Gradation Blue, Gradation Sea Blue & Gradient Green.

Screen Type:
IPS-LCD Capacitive Touchscreen (both phones).
Size and Resolution:
Itel P37: 6.5-inch, HD+ (1600x720) resolution.
Itel P37 Pro: 6.8-inch, HD+ (1640x720) resolution.
Aspect ratio & Pixel Densities:
Itel P37: 19.5:9, 269PPI.
Itel P37 Pro: 20.5:9, 254PPI.
Protection N/a.

Itel P37: Unisoc (Spreadtrum) SC7731E, 32nm Cortex-A7 Quad-Core Processor, @1.3GHz.
Itel P37 Pro: Unisoc (Spreadtrum) SC9863A, 28nm Cortex-A55 Octa-Core Processor, @1.6GHz.
Itel P37: Mali-T820 MP1.
Itel P37 Pro: PowerVR-GE8322.
Operating System:
Android 10, Go Edition, V7.0 (Both phones).
Itel P37: 2GB.
Itel P37 Pro: 2GB/3GB.

Internal Storage:
Itel P37: 32GB.
Itel P37 Pro: 32GB/64GB.
Micro-SD card slot:
Itel P37: Yes, up to 64GB.
Itel P37 Pro: Yes, up to 128GB.

Nano, Dual SIM slots (Both phones).
Itel P37: GSM, WCDMA, HSPA+ (3G).
Itel P37 Pro: GSM, WCDMA, HSPA+ (3G), LTE (4G).

Rear camera:
Itel P37: Dual-lens; 8MP+0.3MP, LED Flash.
Itel P37 Pro: Dual-lens; 13MP+0.3MP, LED Flash.
Front camera:
Itel P37: Single-lens, 5MP. Screen Flash.
Itel P37 Pro: Single-lens, 8MP. Screen Flash.

Rear Cameras: 
Itel P37: 720p @ 30fps.
Itel P37 Pro: 720p, 1080p @ 30fps.
Front Camera:
720p @ 30fps (Both phones).

3.5mm Audio Jack: Yes (Both phones).
MicroUSB port: Yes (Both phones).
Others: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2/5.0, HotSpots. (Both Phones).

Face Unlock, Rear-mounted Fingerprint reader (Both Phones).
Proximity sensor, G-sensor, Accelerometer And
Barometer sensor (Both Phones).
GPS, Location (Geo), Radio (Both Phones).

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh (Both phones).
Charger: 5W (Both phones).
Fast Charging: No (Both phones).

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