Itel P33 Vs Itel P32: Differences, Specifications and Prices.

itel P33 and itel P32

5.5" FWVGA+ (960×480) FullView Display.
195ppi, 18:9 Aspect Ratio.
Android 8.1 (Oreo), Go Edition.
MT6580 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor.
Dual (8MP+0.3MP) Back Camera
Single 5MP Front Camera.
16GB Internal Storage.
4,000mAh Battery Capacity.
4G LTE: No.
Face Unlock: Yes
Rear mounted Fingerprint Reader.
Price: from 19,800 Naira.

5.5" FWVGA+ (960×480) FullView Display.
195ppi, 18:9 Aspect Ratio.
Android 8.1 (Oreo), Go Edition.
MT6580 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor.
Dual (5MP+0.3MP) Back Camera
Single 5MP Front Camera.
8GB Internal Storage.
4,000mAh Battery Capacity.
4G LTE: No.
Face Unlock: No.
Rear mounted Fingerprint Reader.
Price: from 25,000 Naira.

Following the release, and success, of the last year's Itel P32, Itel Mobile has released the P33 & the P33 Plus.
And like their predecessor, i.e. P32, both new phones belong to the P-Series family; which are known for their better battery lives.
Therefore, like the previous models, the new phones are also fitted with more than enough battery capacity.

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Meanwhile, unlike the P33 Plus, that offers higher battery capacity, better front camera and bigger 6.0-inch display, the new Itel P33, on the other hand, shares designs and specifications with the former P32; except for the new phone's better in-built storange space and upgraded rear camera lens.

Therefore, because of the similarities between the two phones, we'll try to examine the components of the P33, and compare them to those of the previous P32.

Read more about the new and bigger Itel P33 Plus.

Itel P33 and P32 design and Price:
Physically, you can't easily differentiate the P33 from the P32, except you turn them on their backs; then you'll notice that the back cameras of the new P33 are vertically arranged while those of the previous P32 are arranged horizontally.

Besides that, there is no "glaring" difference between the two phones again, and this is because, both phones share the same design, and they also feature identical 5.5-inch FWVGA displays and the same 18:9 screen aspect ratio.

Meanwhile, like the Itel the P32, Itel P33 comes in Black, Blue and Gold colours. Also, the new phone can be found in most of the phone's retail outlets and online stores across the country, and the price is currently between 19,800-22,500 Naira; this indicates that the phone's current price is now less than that of the Itel P32.
itel P33

Same FullView 5.5" FWVGA+ Display: like the Itel P32, the latest Itel P33 also features FullView 5.5-inch IPS-LCD Capacitive Display, and the screen resolution is still FWVGA+, i.e. like its predecessor, the new phone also features the same 960x480 screen resolution, which means, the screen pixel density is still 195ppi and the screen aspect ratio is still 18:9.

Itel P33 Has Twice Storage Space: 
Although both phones come with the same 1GB RAM, Itel P33 offers internal storage capacity that's twice of that of the P32, in other words, the new Itel P33 is fitted with 16GB in-built storage, instead of the 8GB storage that comes with the previous P32. And this internal storage can also be expanded, through MicroSD card, up to 32GB.

Same MT6850 Chipset and Android 8.1 Go Edition:
Like the previous P32, Itel Mobile also equipped the P33 with MediaTek MT6580 Quad-Core processor, with the same clock speed of 1.3GHz and Mali-T400 GPU.
The Itel P33 also comes with the same Go Edition O.S. (Operating System); Android Go Edition is the lighter version of the Android 8.1 Oreo.
itel P32

Itel P33 Has A Better Back Camera:
The P33 also comes with the same dual-lens back camera like the P32, however, the back cameras' arrangement has been changed in the new P33, and also, the Main back camera megapixels has increased too.

In other words, while the previous P32 dual back cameras were arranged in a horizontal manner, those of the new P33 are arranged vertically.

Also, while the Main or Telephoto camera of the P32 was made up of 5MP, that of the new P33 is made up of better 8MP.
However, the new Itel P33 maintains the same 5MP front camera that's also found on the previous P32.

Itel P33 Also Offers Face Unlock:
It should be recalled that, despite its cheaper price, Itel Mobile added Fingerprint reader to the previous P32. Therefore, like its predecessor, the new phone also features Fingerprint reader, however, in addition to that, Itel Mobile steps up its game by introducing Face Unlock to the new P33, for the phone's security enhancement.

Same 4000mAh Battery Capacity: 
One of the best attributes of the P32 is its battery life, therefore, Itel made sure it brings back the same 4000mAh battery capacity to the new P33, in order to make sure the user of the new phone enjoy it for a long period of time on a single charge.


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