Itel P32 Vs Itel P13: The Differences And Similarities Between Them.


5.5" FWVGA+ (960×480) FullView IPS-LCD Display.
195ppi, 18:9 Aspect Ratio.
Android 8.1 (Oreo), Go Edition.
MT6580 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor.
Dual (5MP+0.3MP) Back Camera
Single 5MP Front Camera.
8GB Internal Storage.
4,000mAh Battery Capacity.
4G LTE: No.
Rear mounted Fingerprint Reader.
Price: 24,000 Naira.

5.5" FWVGA+ (960×480) FullView TN-LCD Display.
195ppi, 18:9 Aspect Ratio.
Android 8.1 (Oreo), Go Edition.
MT6580 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor.
Dual (5MP+0.3MP) Back Camera
Single 2MP Front Camera.
512MB RAM.
8GB Internal Storage.
4,000mAh Battery Capacity.
4G LTE: No.
Fingerprint reader: No.
Price: 16,500 Naira.

Both Itel P32 and P13 are entry level android smartphones, as a result, the two phones are equipped with decent specifications. For instance, apart from their lack of 4G (LTE), both of them are also fitted with low RAMs and low internal storage capacities. In fact, while the Itel P32 is fitted with 1GB of RAM, Itel P13 is even fitted with lower RAM of 512MB, but both phones have the same internal storage capacity of 8GB.

Android Oreo Go Edition:
However, to ensure their smooth running without hiccups, both Itel P32 and P13 are preloaded with the Go Edition of the Android 8.1 Oreo; which was specifically designed for Android phones with low memories.

In addition to that, both of them also feature trendy specs such as big FullView displays and dual back cameras. Itel P32 also features a rear-mounted fingerprint reader.

Furthermore, because the two phones belong to the Itel's P-series; which are known for their better battery lives, therefore, each of them is fitted with ample 4000mAh battery.

Price And Design:
while the current price of the itel P32 is 24,000 Naira, that of the itel P13 is 16,500 Naira. But despite the obvious price difference, both phones still come with a similar design.

For instance, both of them feature slim and attractive plastic bodies with curve edges and good build qualities, the same screen size of 5.5-inch and the same screen aspect ratio of 18:9. Furthermore, both of them are also fitted with horizontally arranged dual back cameras.

Although, both phones have a similar back camera set-up, the visible difference between the two phones still lies on their backs; while P32 has a rear mounted fingerprint reader, P13 has no fingerprint reader.

Also, while the P32 has curved antenna lines at the top and bottom edges of its back, P13 doesn't have these lines.

VERDICT: Itel P32 will open your apps quickly and run your game smoothly than P13. In short, Itel P13 is meant for casual android phone users who desire trendy specs such as a big FullView display, Good battery life and Dual Back Camera.


Read more, below, on differences and similarities between Itel P32 and Itel P13.

Similar 5.5-inch FWVGA (960x480) Full-View Displays:
Each of the phones comes with  5.5-inch FWVGA (960x480) Display with 18:9 screen aspect ratio. Though the screen is clear and bright, but 960x480 resolution on a 5.5-inch display also means the screen has 195 ppi.

Although 195 ppi, on 5.5-inch screen, will still look okay, don't expect clarity of HD+ displays from this screen.

Meanwhile, it should be emphasized here that Itel P32 display doesn't have HD+ (1440x720) resolution, like some reviews claimed. So far, i've come across 4 copies of Itel P32 from different users, all of them still have the same 980x480 screen resolution.

So, both Itel P32 and Itel P13 feature the same screen size and the same screen resolution. Another thing is; Itel P32 comes with IPS Display panel instead of  TN Panel like P13, meaning: Itel P32 has a better screen quality and the screen is able to display slightly better colours than that of Itel P13, but i doubt you'll notice this unless you place them side by side.

Also, as a result of it's TN Display panel, Itel P13 has a slight viewing angle issue. Another feature that distinguishes Itel P32 display from that of P13 is the Eye Protection mode.

Eye Protection mode can be found in the display settings of P32 and it allows you to adjust colour temperature (white balance) of the screen as you like, to prevent your eyes from experiencing strain which sometimes, accompany prolonged usage of smartphones.

Same ROM, same Processing Power but Different RAM:
Both phones feature 1.3GHz, Quad-Core MediaTek Processor with ARM Mali-400 GPU. Like P32, P13 has internal storage capacity of 8GB, and this internal storage can also be expanded, via MicroSD, up to 32GB.

However, while P32 is fitted with 1GB RAM, P13 is equipped with 512MB RAM instead, this simply implies that P32 will be twice faster than P13 in opening and running of Apps.

Only Itel P32 Comes with Fingerprint Reader and Fitted With Better Front camera: Apart from the usual forms of phone security, i.e. screen pattern and number lock, Itel P32 also comes with rear-mounted fingerprint reader, unfortunately, this scanner is absent on the back of the Itel P13.

Also, out of the two phones, P32 offers better front facing camera, this is because P32 comes with 5MP Selfie camera while P13 has 2MP Selfie camera, therefore pictures taken with the P32 front facing camera are sharper and clearer than the ones taken with the P13 front camera.

Both Phones Feature Similar Dual Back Camera: The P13 back camera set up (their arrangement and number of megapixel) is the same as that of P32.

In other words, like P32, P13 features dual back cameras and these cameras are arranged horizontally too. Also, each of the dual cameras is made up 5MP main lens and 0.3MP wide angle lens i.e. Dual (5MP+0.3MP) back camera.

Normally, once shouldn't expect impressive details or sharpness from the pictures taken with the dual back cameras that feature 5MP lenses. Surprisingly, however, the pictures from the back cameras of P32 and P13 are clear and bright, also, these dual cameras do well in the area of Wide Angle shots.

Each of Them has 4000mAh Battry: Both Itel P32 and P13 have the same battery capacity, i.e. each of the phones is fitted with a 4000mAh non-removable battery.

With this big battery capacity, coupled with the phones' FWVGA 5.5-inch display and android 8.1 Oreo (Go  Edition), under normal usage, both P32 and P13 tend to last for a couple of days on a single full charging.

Despite their big batteries capacity, both phones do not support fast charging, therefore with their OEM chargers, both phones are expected to be fully charged between 2 to 3 Hrs of normal charging.


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