Infinix Zero 8 (X687) Price, Review And Specifications.



Infinix Zero 8 (X687) Quick Specs.
6.85" Full-HD+ (2460×1080) 90Hz IPS-LCD Infinity-O Display.
391ppi, 20.5:9 Aspect Ratio.
MediaTek Helio G90T Chipset.
Android 10, XOS 7.0.
Quad-lens (64MP+8MP+2MP+2MP) Back Camera.
Dual-lens (48MP+8MP) Front Camera.
8GB of RAM.
128GB Internal Storage.
Face Unlock.
Fingerprint reader (Side-mounted).
4,500mAh Battery (33W Fast Charging).
Price: 124,000 Naira (KSh. 28,500 & GHc. 1,549).

The recently unveiled Zero 8 (X687) is a premium smartphone from Infinix mobility, and so was its predecessor i.e., Infinix Zero 6, in its time.

Basically, Infinix Zero 8 shares looks with Infinix Note 7, but the screen of the latest phone is slightly smaller. The hole-punch camera on this phone also looks different, though it's still found on the top left corner of the screen. This phone also comes with a different looking rear camera bump.

In details, Infinix Zero 8 features a 6.85-inch Infinity-O display (which is almost the same with the 6.95-inch Infinity-O display of the Note 7). This phone also has the same slightly taller or 20.5:9 aspect ratio, and its power button also doubled as fingerprint reader.

However, because Infinix Zero 8 comes with two front cameras, the camera hole-punch on the phone display has a pill shape (the first of its kind from the Infinix).
The rear camera bump of this phone also comes in form of a diamond shape, instead of a circular shape like that of the Note 7.

Infinix Zero 8 Correct The Weaknesses (Or Faults) Of The Note 7:
Although Infinix Zero 8 shared looks with Note 7, this phone comes with necessary features that are missing on the Note phone. For instance, unlike the 6.95-inch screen of Note 7 that features an HD+ or 720p resolution, the almost-the-same size 6.85-inch display of the Zero 8 features a Full-HD+ or 1080p resolution.

Also unlike that of the Note 7 or any other previous smartphones from the Infinix Mobility, the screen of the Zero 8 features 90Hz refresh rate (more on this later).

This phone also comes with USB Type-C port, instead of microUSB port that's found on the Note 7. However, Infinix Zero 8 is fitted with a 4500mAh battery, which is slightly smaller than the 5000mAh battery of the Note phone. Yet, the Infinix Zero 8 support 33W fast charging.

Infinix Zero 8 Packed Unrivalled Processing Power And RAM, And It's First Of Its Kind From The Infinix Mobility:

Under the hood, Infinix Zero 8 is powered by MediaTek Helio G90T chipset, which is slightly faster and more powerful than the Helio G70 that came with Note 7. This phone also features an higher RAM of 8GB. Remember, up until now, the highest RAM you'd ever found on any Infinix smartphones (including Note 7) is 6GB.

This shows that Zero 8 is the Infinix Mobility's fastest and most powerful smartphone up to date. However, this phone still has 128GB internal storage space like the rest of the Infinix Mobility's premium smartphones.

This phone also stands out among others in the area of cameras. Because the back of the phone is mounted with a 64MP SONY IMX 686 quad-lens camera, while the front is equipped with 48MP dual-lens camera.

Price And Colours:
Infinix Zero 8 comes in three colour options of Silver Diamond, Black Diamond and Green Diamond. And for the price of about 124,000 Naira (Ksh 28,500 & GHc 1,549), this phone is already available in major smartphone outlets and online stores across the region.

DESIGN: The Front Of The Zero 8 Looks Like That Of The Note 7, Except For The Pill Shape Camera Hole:
Except for its different (or pill-shaped) camera hole, the display and the entire front of the Zero 8 look like that of the Note 7. And this is as a result of the fact that Infinix Zero 8 also sport Infinity-O display and features 20.5:9 aspect ratio like the Note 7.

In addition to that, Infinix Zero 8 is just a hair's smaller than the Note 7, and this is shown from its 168.7x76.1x9.1mm dimensions; which is close to 173.4x79x8.8mm of Note 7. This phone also has a weight of 205g; which is the same as the 206g of the Note 7.

The above info also implies that the latest phone is on the big side too, like the Note 7. Yet, like the Note phone, the taller aspect ratio prevent the phone from appearing huge, and it also made it possible for the phone to be held with one hand.

Still, to operate this phone comfortably, you'll need the assistance of the second hand, once in a while, especially, when there is need to reach the top of the screen.

The Back Of The Zero 8 And Ports:
The chassis and back cover of this phone are also made of plastic like those of the Note 7. Also, due to its gradient finish, the back of the Zero 8 is also reflective and attract fingerprints like that of the Note phone.

Though, there are also four cameras on the back of the Zero 8, like those of the Note phone, but Zero 8 quad-lens back camera packed higher megapixels sensors. And while 3 cameras and LED Flash are neatly placed on the 4 angles of the diamond shaped camera module, the Main (Primary) camera is placed at the centre.

Meanwhile, the arrangements and locations of ports and buttons on the Zero 8 remain as those of the Note 7.

In other words, and except for the presence of the USB-C port (which replaces microUSB port), you'll find 3.5mm audio jack, microphone and speakers on the bottom edge of the Zero 8; arranged in a manner that's also similar to those of Note 7.

On the right edge is the volume rockers and power button. And the power button also serves as fingerprint reader, just like the one on the Note 7.

And while you have dual Nano SIM+SD card slot (and tray) on the left edge of the Zero 8, there is nothing on its top edge.

More (Below) On The High Refresh Rate Display, Processing Power, Camera And Battery Life Of The Zero 8:

1080p (FullHD+) High Refresh Rate Display:
Though, the display of the Zero 8 is also an IPS-LCD panel like that of the Note 7. Yet, texts and pictures appear clearer and more detailed on the Zero 8 display. And it's because the phone's display features a Full-HD+ resolution of 2460x1080, compared to the HD+ or 1640x720 resolution of the Note 7's screen. Therefore, the screen of the Zero 8 has an higher pixel density of 391ppi. Hence, the reason for its sharper picture.

And like the displays of some recent flagship phones such as Samsung Galaxy S20 and Google Pixel 4, Infinix Zero 8 display also support higher refresh rate of 90Hz.

This means that while the FHD+ (or high) resolution ensures that the Zero 8 display deliver sharper pictures, the 90Hz (or high) refresh rate ensures that your high paced games and text scrolling appear smoother on the phone's screen.

But unlike the usual 60Hz refresh rate, 90Hz refresh rate mode consumes a little more power. So, if you prefer long battery life to smoother scrolling or font, you might want to stick to the 60Hz mode, or better still Auto-switch mode. And all the three mode can be accessed in the display settings.

MediaTek Helio G90T Chipset, RAM, Storage And OS:
Infinix Zero 8 is powered by the MediaTek Helio G90T CPU. MT6785 or Helio G90T is a 12nm Octa-Core processor like the Helio G70; which powered Infinix Note 7. This processor also has the same maximum clock speed of 2.0GHz.

Nonetheless, Helio G90T is slightly more powerful than the Helio G70. Because it has 2x Cortex-A76 + 6x Cortex-A55 architecture, compared to the 2x Cortex-A75 + 6x Cortex-A55 architecture of the Helio G70.

And for a more pleasant and lag-free gaming experience, Helio G90T chipset is paired with the Mali-G76 MC4 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit); which is also better than the Mali-G52 GPU that came with the Helio G70.

Infinix Mobility also complemented Zero 8 higher processing power with an usual higher RAM of 8GB; which enables you to open multiple apps quickly and run them smoothly, and simultaneously, without lagging.

Meanwhile, Infinix Zero 8 comes with 128GB internal storage like the high variant (X690B) of the Note 7. And the phone's internal storage space can also be expanded, via microSD card, up to 2TB (Terabyte).

However, unlike the Note 7 that has dual speaker, you won't be able to enjoy natural stereo sound on the Zero 8, because the phone comes with a single speaker.

Concerning its software, Infinix Zero 8 is also pre-installed with the Android 10 OS (Operating System) like the Note 7. But the OS is running along the latest Infinix XOS 7.0 (Dolphin) custom UI.

Dual Front Camera And Quad Back Camera:
Infinix Zero 8 comes with a total number of 6 cameras, 2 on the front and 4 on the back.

Yet, besides having higher number of cameras, Infinix also ensure that the primary back camera of this phone is made up of an higher megapixels sensor, same thing with the primary front camera.

In details, the four back cameras of the Zero 8 are made up a 64MP Primary lens, 8MP Ultra Wide lens, 2MP Depth Sensing lens and 2MP low-light lens.

To ensure detail and high quality portrait picture, the 64MP (f/1.9) Primary or Wide-angle camera of the Zero 8 is made up of SONY IMX 686 lens. And it's located at the centre of the camera module.

This is followed by an 8MP (f/2.3) Ultra-Wide lens. This camera enables you to take wide angle shots or capture more of what's in front of you without moving backwards.

The third back camera is made up of a 2MP (f/2/4) Depth Sensing lens; which allows you to take pictures with blurred backgrounds to enhance the subjects of your photos. 

The fouth or last back camera is comprises of a 2MP (f/2.4) Low-light (Night Mode) lens; which is useful in taking bright and clear pictures at night or in low-light environments.

Meanwhile, the two front cameras of the Infinix Zero 8 are made up of a 48MP (f/2.2) Primary (or Wide angle) lens and an 8MP (f/2.2) Ultra-Wide angle lens.

Furthermore, both the front and back cameras of Zero 8 are capable of shooting 4K (Ultra-HD) videos at 30fps (frames per sec). The back camera of this phone is also capable of shooting Slow Motion videos at 120fps, 240fps & 960fps (frames per sec).

More Than Enough Battery Capacity With Support For Superfast Charging:
Though, its 4500mAh battery is on the high side, but, normally, Infinix Zero 8 ought to have 5000mAh like the Note 7.

Because, apart from having almost-the-same-size big display like the Note 7, the phone's display also packed 1080p pixels and features high refresh rate. And these two features have effects on battery life.

But as i said earlier, the 4500mAh battery capacity of the Zero 8 is on the high side.

Besides, there is no need to worry about the Zero's 8 battery life because this phone features 33W fast charging (and it also comes with a 33W fast charger); which give this phone unusual ability to be fully charged (from Zero percent) in less than 1:15 minutes..

Full Specifications Of The Infinix Zero 8:


Infinix Mobility.


Zero 8 (X687).

Year Announced

October, 2020.






Silver Diamond, Black Diamond, Green Diamond.




Screen Type

IPS-LCD Capacitive Touchscreen.

Screen Size & Resolution

6.85-inch, 2460x1080 pixels, With 90Hz Refresh Rate.

Aspect Ratio & Pixel Density

20.5:9, (391ppi)







MediaTek Helio G90T Chipset.


2.0GHz, Octa-Core.


Mali-G76 MC4.





Micro-SD Card

Up to 2TB.

Operating System

Android 10, Infinix XOS 7.0 (Dolphin).





Dual SIM (Nano)


GSM (2G), HSPA+, Gigabit LTE.


USB-C Connector, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-OTG, Wi-Fi & HotSpots.




Rear Camera

Quad-lens: 64MP (f/1.9)+8MP (f/2.3)+2MP (f/2.4)+2MP (f/2.4).

Front Camera

Dual-lens: 48MP (f/2.2)+8MP (f/2.2), Screen-Flash.

Video Recording

4K (Ultra-HD) @30fps (front & back)

3.5mm Audio Jack


Video Formats


Audio Formats





Biometric & Sensor/Security

Fingerprint reader (Side-mounted), Face Unlock.


G-sensor, Proximity sensor, RGB Light sensor, Accelerator and Barometer sensor.







33W Fast Charging.




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