Samsung UA55RU7100KXKE Vs LG 55UM7450PVA: Price, Review And Specs.

LG 55um7450pva Quick Specs.
55" 4K UHD (3840×2160) IPS-LED Display.
Direct-LED backlit.
50Hz/60Hz Refresh rate (100Hz/120Hz Motion Rate).
Quad-Core Video Processor.
HDR10 Pro & HLG.
DTS Virtual: X Audio (20W Spks, 2.0 Ch.)
3x HMDMI (2.0) ports, 2x USB ports.
WebOS 4.5. Smart O.S.
AI ThinQ.
Price: Around 253,000 Naira, KES 70,000.

Samsung ua55ru7100kxke Quick Specs.
55" 4K UHD (3840×2160) VA-LED Display.
Edge-LED backlit.
50Hz/60Hz Refresh rate (100Hz/120Hz Motion Rate).
Quad-Core Video Processor.
HDR10+ & HLG.
Dolby Digital Plus Audio (20W Spks, 2.0 Ch.)
3x HMDMI (2.0) ports, 2x USB ports.
Tizen 5.0 Smart O.S.
AI SmartThing.
Price: Around 300,000 Naira, KES 69,500.

Because ua55ru7100kxke and 55um7450pva belong to the entry-level models of the 2019 UHD TVs from the Samsung and LG Electronics, therefore, compared to the mid-range models, the two 4K TVs attract lower price and they are also equipped with slightly lower features. Yet, their picture and audio qualities are almost on par with those of the mid-range ones.

Apart from having the same 55-inch displays and identical design, the two of them also come with some identical basic specs such as 20W speakers, Quad-Core processors, 3x HDMI/ 2x USB ports and so on.

However, there are also some basic features that distinguished Samsung ua55ru7100kxke from LG 55um7450pva. For instance, each of them is preloaded with different Smart OS and they are also equipped with different types of display panels. Their LED backlits are also arranged in different manners; which makes their back covers to have different thickness. The stands of the two 4K TVs also look different.

Meanwhile, the price difference between the two UHD TVs depends on your region or location. In Kenya for instance, Samsung ua55ru7100kxke and LG 55um7450pva attract almost the same price.
Because, while the LG 55um7450pva costs about KES 70,000, Samsung ua55ru7100kxke price is around KES 69,500.

On the other hand, Samsung ua55ru7100kxke is more expensive than the LG 55um7450pva in Nigeria. The current price of the Samsung ua55ru7100kxke in the country is around 300,000 Naira, while the 55um7450pva can be gotten with lesser price of about 253,000 Naira.

Verdict: Except you are a videophile, the picture qualities of the 55um7450pva's display and that of the Samsung ua55ru7100kxke are almost the same, even, if you placed them side by side.
But if you start to pay more attention to the picture details or leave the centres of their displays, you'll start to notice the differences in their picture qualities.

Similar Design, Different Stands:
Like most of the recent 4K UHD TVs, Samsung ua55ru7100kxke and LG 55um7450pva have similar sleek looks, the two of them also feature almost the same design. In fact, place them side by side, Samsung ua55ru7100kxke and LG 55um7450pva look almost the same, except for their different stands and the presence of the Samsung and LG's brandings, placed directly below their displays.
In addition, both of them also come in black colours with almost the same size slim bezels.

However, looking at them from their sides and backs, the back of the Samsung TV appears flatter than that of the LG's. And this is as a result of the implementation of Edge-LED Backlit in the Samsung ua55ru7100kxke, while the LG 55um7450pva comes with Direct-LED backlit. The TVs with Direct-LED backlit have their LEDs placed directly behind the screen while the LEDs of the TV with Edge-LED backlit are found at the edges of the screen.

And, as i mentioned earlier, each of the TV features 3 HMDMI (2.0) and 2 USB ports. And talking about their weight, LG 55um7450pva is the lighter of the two, as the TV weigh 14.6kg without stand (and 15.6kg with stand), while Samsung ua55ru7100kxke has a weight of 17.3k without stand 17.70kg with stand.

55" IPS-LED Display Vs 55" VA-LED Display:
Apart from having their backlits arranged in different manners, the two of them also feature different display panels, though, they are still based on the same technology. In other words, while the Direct-lit LED display of the LG 55um7450pva features IPS (In-Plane Switch) panel, the Edge-lit LED display of the Samsung ua55ru7100kxke features VA (Vertical Alighnment) panel.

Compared to the VA-LED screen, the IPS-LED screen offers better brightness and better viewing angle. Therefore, compared to that of the Samsung ua55ru7100kxke, the IPS display of the LG 55um7450pva is brighter and the colours appear uniform, irrespective of your sitting position.

Though, picture qualities of the Samsung TV display shift or appear compromised when you leave the centre of the screen, yet, due to its higher contrast and deeper black level of its VA panel, ua55ru7100kxke display has a more vibrant and crisper picture than that of the LG 55um7450pva.
Therefore, the wider viewing angle and brighter display of the LG 55um7450pva make it good for watching programmes and news in a well lit environment and irrespective of your sitting or stand position.

The deeper black level and higher contrast ratio of the Samsung ua55ru7100kxke display make it suitable for a perfect cinematic experience in a dark or not so bright environments.

Meanwhile, both displays have the same Native refresh rate of 50Hz, both of them also support 100Hz Motion rate; to ensure smooth running of your fast paced videos and games

Video Processors And Audio Engines:
Although both Samsung and LG have different proprietary names for their video processing engines, for instance, Samsung UHD processor. Yet, according to their specsheets, both LG 55um7450pva and Samsung ua55ru7100kxke are powered by the Quad-Core processors.

And talking about their supporting HDR formats (which brings about a more realistic pictures from the 4K UHD contents), ua55ru7100kxke doesn't support Dolby Vision like all the rest of the Samsung TVs, instead it features HDR10+ and HLG. On the other hand, LG 55um7450pva also doesn't support Dolby Vision (like the premium LG TV models), but it features HDR10 Pro instead, it also support HLG, like its Samsung counterpart.

And while Samsung ua55ru7100kxke  audio is powered by the Dolby Digital Plus, that of the LG 55um7450pva features DTS Virtual: X, still, both TVs are equipped with the same 20W 2.0Ch. speakers.

Smart O.S. and Smart Connectivites:
Each of the TVs comes with different Smart O.S. (Operating System) and AI platform While Samsung ua55ru7100kxke is running on the Tizen 5.0 O.S, 55um7450pva is running on the LG's WebOS 4.5.

Meanwhile, some of the AI and Virtual Assistant features, such as Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2, are missing on both LG 55um7450pva and Samsung ua55ru7100kxke. Whereas, these features are found on these TVs models in some other regions.

Quick Specification Of The LG 55um7450pva and Samsung ua55ru7100kxke:

Display Size
4K (3840x2160).
4K (3840x2160).
Backlight System.
HDR formats
HDR10 Pro & HLG.
HDR10+ & HLG.
Refresh Rate.
60Hz/50Hz Native (100Hz/120Hz Motion Rate).
60Hz/50Hz Native (100Hz/120Hz Motion Rate).
Speakers & Audio
20W (2.0 Ch.), DTS Vitual: X.
20W (2.0 Ch.), Dolby Digital Plus.
HDMI 2.0 (3), USB (2).
HDMI 2.0 (3), USB (2).
Smart O.S.
WebOS 4.5.
Tizen 5.0
AI Function
Amazon Alexa & Apple AirPlay 2.  
Game Mode.
Instant Game Response.
Auto Game Mode.
Power Supply.
AC 100-240 50/60 Hz.
AC 100-240 50/60 Hz.
Power Consumption
145W (Max).
Weight (without Stand)


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