Updates: Complete Lists of All Models And Series Of 2018 LG TV.


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There are new and improved features in LG's 2018 TV lineup, and the prominent ones among these features are Alpha 9 Processor, LG ThinQ AI and FALD. There is also an introduction of Active HDR into the 1080p (LK) series.
Furthermore, except its OLED TVs that are denoted by "8", all other LG's 2018 TVs can be recognized by the letter "K" at the third position of their model numbers. More on LG TVs year, model & serial no.

NOTE: Check out the complete list of 2019 LG TV Lineups, and the list of all the 2017 LG TV Models and Series.

Alpha 9 Processor: The latest Alpha 9 processor is currently the fastest TV image processor from the LG. And the leading TV company also boasts that the new processor is faster than the most GPU (+CPU) found in other makers' high-end TVs.

According to the LG, the presence of the Alfa 9 processor in some of its TV models indicates that the particular TVs will deliver a smoother fast-paced videos, i.e., TVs with better motion handling capability. This is because alpha 9 was designed to easily support and handle High Frame Rate (HFR) broadcasts such as native 4k/120 fps content streaming.

Apart from motion handling, Alpha 9 processor has twice capability, more than that of most TV processors, to handle noise reduction. As a result of this, therefore, the new processor reduces artifacts significantly, remember artifacts is one of the issues that still affect most TVs, even the most expensive ones. And this, in turn, means LG TV with alpha 9 processor will display clearer and much detailed videos.

Furthermore, the giant TV maker also said that the processor brings about improvements to the overall colour performance of its TVs.

Note: Alpha 7 is the predecessor of the Alpha 9 processor. However, Alpha 9 processor is much more powerful than Alpha 7. Unlike Alpha 9, Alpha 7 processor doesn't have ability to handle HFR, 4K & HDR altogether, it has to let go of the first one for the other two.

Al-Driven Features: LG equipped most of its 2018 Smart TV models with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Driven features, and these features (or functionalities) are based on the LG's ThinQ platform (more on it later). Therefore, with the aid of Natural Language Processing (NLP), a voice-activated technology,
you can operate your TV by speaking a few voice commands, via the TV remote control.
For instance, you can say words like "search for the soundtrack of this movie" or "turn off the TV when the program is over". In a similar process, you can also access and make use of the Google Virtual Assistant; which is being embedded currently in the LG TV's WebOS.

ThinQ: ThinQ is the LG brand name for its Smart and Premium products (mobile and home appliances) with AI-driven features. All the LG products with this code name (ThinQ) will be able to connect and communicate with one another under one AI assisted platform. In particular, LG smart TV, will be able to access, connect and communicate with other AI-driven (ThinQ) home and mobile devices such as smartphones, air conditioners, dishwashers, and so on. And these devices will be able to connect and communicate through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
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Full Array Local Deeming (FALD): For years now, many TV makers have been adopting FALD in some of their top of the range models, and LG has also made use of it in the past. However, LG reintroduced FALD in some selected models of its 2018 TV line-up, most especially the Super UHD Models i.e. the models with Nano cell display,apart from the FALD, these models are also equipped with Alpha 7 processor in order for them to deliver picture quality close to that of OLED TV models.

What is FALD?: Basically, almost all of the average LED TV are edge-lit, i.e the LEDs are placed around the edges of the back of the TV panel, but such TVs don't have ability to display perfect deep black especially around white or bright object. In order words, such TV deep black level around prominent white (bright) objects are always compromised. For instance, a picture from the scene of full Moon at night. To address this issue i.e to achieve almost perfect deep black around bright object(s) without loosing the contrast of the bright object, LED TV with FALD have their LEDs placed directly behind its screen panel instead of edge.

Introduction of HDR to 1080p TVs: In 2017 LG TV Lineup, HDR can only be found in 4k or UHD models, surprisingly, LG announced that the HDR can now be found in its year 2018 1080p (LK series) TVs.

Apart from the above new and improved features, almost all the specs of 2017 can still be found in the 2018 line up. Check here for all breakdown specs and features of LG TVs.
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(1) 2018 LG OLED TV
Like in previous years, at the top of the 2018 LG TV line-up is the high-end OLED series, which start from W8, then follow by the G8, E8, C8 and B8 respectively.
Due to the new Apha 9 chipset and improved Dolby Atmos Sound, this year OLED Series offer more life-like pictures, colour accuracy and smoother fast-paced motion, with high quality and surround sound than their predecessors.

LG OLED W8: Also called Picture-on-Wall (or Wallpaper), W8, just like in last year's model, also comes in 2 sizes of 77" and 65" i.e. OLED77W8 and OLED65W8.

LG OLED G8: Also known  Picture-on-Glass, in this year and as at the time of writting of this post, G8 only comes in one size i.e. 65" or OLED65G8unlike last year model that has both 77" and 65".

LG OLED E8: Also called Picture-on-Glass too, and like the previous year's one, this year's model also comes in 2 sizes i.e 65" and 55" or OLED65E8 and OLED55E8.

LG OLED C8: Apart from the usual 65" and 55" sizes, this year's model also features 77" size, making the total number of sizes for this year C8 model to be i.e. OLED77C8OLED65C8 and OLED55C8.

LG OLED B8: Unfortuantely, this is the only 2018 OLED TV model that doesnt feature Alpha 9 Chip, instead it has Alpha 7 processor. Howver, the screen sizes remain the same just like in previous model, in other words, B8 also comes in 65" and 55" i.e. OLED65B8 and OLED55B8.

Main Features and Complete list of OLED TV Series.

Main Features
a: LG Signature (W8 & G8 Only)
b: Paper-On-Wall (W8 Only)
c: Picture-On-Glass (G8 & E8 Only)
d: Alpha 9 video Processor (Alpha 7 in OLED B8)
e: High Frame Rate
f: LG ThinQ AI (Include Google Assistant)
i: Active HDR with Dolby Vision
j: Natural Voice Recognition
k: 60W speakers (40W in the lower ends)
l: Dolby Atmos
m: 4 HDMI
n: 3 USB
o: Magic Remote Control.

Complete list of OLED TV
W8 Models (77 & 65 inch): OLED77W8P, OLED77W8T, OLED77W8V, OLED65W8P, OLED65W8T, OLED65W8V.

G8 Models (in 65 inch only): OLED65G8P, OLED65G8T, OLED65G8V.

E8 Models (in 65 & 55 inch): OLED65E8PUA, OLED65E8PLA, OLED65E8PTA, OLED65E8V, OLED55E8PUA, OLED55E8PLA, OLED55E8PTA, OLED55E8V.

C8 Models (77, 65 & 55 inch): OLED77C8PUA, OLED77C8LLA, OLED77C8PLA, OLED77C8PTA, OLED77C8V.

B8 Models (in 65 & 55 inch): OLED65B8PUA, OLED65B8PLA, OLED65B8PTA, OLED65B8V.
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(2) SK Series: This is the 2018 Super UHD Series i.e. 4k Series with Nano Cell display. Apart from the LG ThinQ AI (including Google Assistant), other things that distinguished this year's Super UHD from those of last year's models is the inclusion of the Alpha 7 processor and FALD. Which means picture-wise, this year's series will perform better than those of 2017.

Main features and Complete List of SK Series i.e. Super UHD TV (4K TV with Nano Cell Display and Alpha 7 Processor).

 Main features of SK series
a: Nano cell IPS Dispaly.
b: FALD LED Backlit.
c: Alpha 7 Processor
e: Smart TV (WebOS 4.0)
f: LG ThinQ AI+Google Assistant.
g: Active HDR
h: 40W Speakers (20W in SK80, SK81 and some Models)
i: 3 USB and 4 HDMI (2 USB in some SK80 and few other)

Complete list of SK series
SK95 (in 65" & 55") : 65SK9500, 55SK9500.
SK90 (in 65" & 55") : 65SK9000, 55SK9000.
SK85 (in 65", 55" & 49") : 65SK8500, 55SK8500, 49SK8500.
SK81 (in 75", 65", 55" & 49") : 75SK8100, 65SK8100, 55SK8100, 49SK8100.
SK80 (in 65", 55" & 49") : 65SK8000, 55SK8000, 49SK8000.
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(3) UK Series: Main features and Complete List of UK Series i.e. 4K (UHD) TV with Standard IPS LED Display.

Note: UK77 and UK75 models of this series come with Nano Cell display like SK series (above) but without Alpha 7 processor.

Main features of UK series
a: Standard IPS LED Display
b: Nano Cell Display (Only in UK77 & UK75)
c: Smart TV
d: LG ThinQ AI+Google Assistant.
e: Active HDR
f: 20W Speakers
i: 2 USB and 4 HDMI (3 HDMI in UK63 and UK61 and some models)

i: Complete list of UK series With Nano Cell Display
UK77 (in 65" & 55") : 65UK7700, 55UK7700,
UK75 (in 65", 55" & 49") : 65UK7550, 65UK7500, 55UK7550, 55UK7500, 49UK7550, 49UK7500.

ii: Complete list of UK series With Standard IPS LCD Display
UK69 (in 70", 65", 50 & 43"): 70UK6950, 65UK6950, 50UK6950, 43UK6950.
UK67 (in 65", 55",50"& 43") : 65UK6750, 65UK6700, 55UK6750, 55UK6700, 50UK6750, 50UK6700, 43UK6750, 43UK6700.
UK65 (in 86", 75", 70", 65", 55",  50 & 43") : 86UK6570, 86UK6500, 75UK6570, 75UK6500, 70UK6570, 65UK6500, 55UK6500, 50UK6500, 43UK6500.
UK64 (in 65", 55" & 49", 43"): 65UK6400, 55UK6400, 49UK6400, 43UK6400.
UK63 (in 65", 55" & 49", 43"): 65UK6300, 55UK6300, 49UK6300, 43UK6300.
UK61 (in 55" only): 55UK6100.
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(4) LK Series: Main Features  and  Complete list of LK (Full HD) Series i.e. 1080p (720p in some low-end 32inches) TV.

The Main features LK series
a: Full HD (1080p) resolution  and HD (720p in low-end 32inch)
b: Standard IPS-LED Display.
c: Active HDR (Absent in mostly 32" 720p models)
d: Google Assistant, Amazon and Alexia support (Absent in some 32")
e: Smart TV
f: 20w Speakers (10w in some)
g: 2 HDMI (3 in some higher models)
e: 1 USB (2 in some higher models)

The Complete list of LK series
LK 5400: (49, 43 and 32-inch): 49LK5400PTA, 49LK5400PUA
43LK5400PTA, 43LK5400PUA

Note: LJ5100 and LJ5000, the 1080p and 720p TV models of the year 2017 continue in this year, and their sizes are still 49-inch, 43-inch and 32-inch. You can find out more about them.



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