Complete Lists of 2017 LG TV Series, Models and Their Different Features.

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First, Like other major TV makers that are gradually moving away from Curved TV and TV with 3D features, LG finally dropped TVs with those two features in its 2017 TV lineup.

Check the full lists of all 2018 LG TV models 

Secondly, there 4 categories of LG TV models, and Except in its 2017 OLED TV models who are denoted by "7", all other 3 categories of LG 2017 Non-OLED TV models can be easily recognized by the their denoted letter "J" at third position in their model numbers, while the second position usually occupied by letter that indicate the amount of pixels (resolution). The first position is occupied by screen size. For example, let's take "49" that can be found across all models, except OLED models.

LG 49SJ****,
49=screen size,
S= Super UHD (4k) with Nano cell,
J= 2017 model

LG 49UJ****,
49=screen size,
U= UHD (4K),
J= 2017 model,

49=screen size,
L= Full HD (1080p),
J= 2017 model.

*Note: Although, officially L denote 1080p, however, you can still find low budget 32" with 720p among L models.

Thirdly, below are the "main" features that differentiate certain LG TV models from others.

Resolution/amount of pixels (Sharpness);
4K, UHD & Super UHD = 3840*2160 pixels. 
1080p or Full HD = 1920*1080 pixels. 
720p or HD = 1366*768 pixels.

Display/Panel type:
OLED: Distinct LG TV panel with overall best picture quality.
Nano Cell LED: it indicates by "S" (Super) in some 4K models, it is another type of LED TV Panel,  with Picture quality that is better than standard LCD-LED but have less picture quality than OLED.
 LCD-LED: i.e Standard LED Panels e.g IPS.

<img src="lg.jpg" alt="Complete Lists of 2017 LG TV">

HDR (High Dynamic Range):
TVs with HDR are becoming popular for their ability to deliver optimum brightness and darkness in both dark and bright scenes. These TVs (with HDR) also tend to cover a wider range of colours.
Forms of HDR: HDR 10, Dolby Vision, HLG, and Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

Smart Features
LG WebOS, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon etc.

Ultra HD Premium: It's a logo on a TV that indicates the particular TV "readily' support HDR contents.

LG Signature: Are ultra-premium series, among top of the range OLED Models.

Wallpaper OLED (Or Picture-on-Wall): This is the slimmest LG OLED TV with thickness of about 2.5mm.    

(1) Main Features and Complete list of OLED Series.

 Main Features
a: LG Signature (W7 & G7 Only)
b: Paper-On-Wall ( W7 Only)
c: Picture-On-Glass (G7 & E7 Only)
d: Active HDR with Dolby Vision
e: Natural Voice Recognition
f: 60W speakers (40W in lower ends)
g: Dolby Atmos (Absent in some B7 models)
h: 4 HDMI
i: 3 USB
j: Magic Remote Control.
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Total list of the OLED series and their Models

W7 Models (in 77" & 65") : OLED77W7V, OLED77W7P, OLED77W7T, OLED65W7V, OLED65W7P, OLED65W7T.

G7 Models (in 77" & 65") : OLED77G7V, OLED77G7P, OLED77G7T, OLED65G7V, OLED65G7P, OLED65G7T.

E7 Models ( in 65" & 55") : OLED65E7V, OLED65E7P, OLED65E7T, OLED55E7V, OLED55E7P, OLED55E7T, OLED55E7N.

C7 Models ( in 66" & 55") : OLED65C7P, OLED65C7V, OLED65C7T, OLED55C7P, OLED55C7V, OLED55C7T.

B7 Models (in 65" & 55") : OLED65B7P, OLED65B7V, OLED65B7T, OLED65B7A, OLED65B7D, OLED55B7P, OLED55B7V, OLED55B7T, OLED55B7A, OLED55B7D.

(2) Main features and Complete list of "SJ" Series i.e. Super UHD (4K with Nano Cell Display) TV Series.
Main Features
a: UHD (4K) resolution
b: Nano Cell IPS Display.
c: Active HDR with Dolby Vision
d: Smart TV (webOS)
e: 40 Speakers (20W in SJ81/SJS80 Series).
f: 4 HDMI.
e: 3 USB.

<img src="lg.jpg" alt="Complete Lists of 2017 LG TV">

Total list of the Series and Models:
SJ95 Models ( in 86", 75 & 55"):
86SJ957*, 75SJ955*, 65SJ955*, 65SJ950*, 55SJ950*.

SJ85 Models ( in 75, 60" & 55"): 75SJ850*, 65SJ850*, 60SJ850*, 55SJ850*.

 SJ81 Models ( in 65, 60", 55" & 49"): 65SJ810*, 60SJ810*, 55SJ810*, 49SJ810*.

SJ80 Models ( in 65, 60", 55" & 49"): 65SJ800*, 60SJ800*, 55SJ800*, 49SJ800*.


(3) Main features and complete list of "UJ" Series i.e. UHD (4K with Standard IPS-LED Display) TV Series.

Main features
a: UHD (4K) resolution
b: Standard IPS LED Display.
c: HDR (Active HDR with Dolby Vision in UJ77 & UJ75 Series)
d: Smart TV (WebOS)
e: 20 Speakers.
f: 4 HDMI.(3 in some 60" and below)
e: 3 USB.
<img src="lg.jpg" alt="Complete Lists of 2017 LG TV">

Total list of the Series and Models;
UJ77 Models ( in 65, 60", 55" & 49"): 65UJ7700, 60UJ7700, 55UJ7700, 49UJ7700.

UJ75 Models ( in 65, 60", 55", 49" & 43"): 65UJ750*, 65UJ752*, 60UJ750*, 60UJ752*, 55UJ750*, 55UJ752*, 49UJ750*, 49UJ752*,     43UJ750*, 43UJ752*.

UJ70 Models ( in 65, 55" & 49"): 65UJ701*, 55UJ701*, 49UJ701*.

UJ67 Models ( in 75", 70", 65", 60", 55", 49" & 43"): 75UJ675*, 70UJ675*, 65UJ670V, 55UJ670V, 49UJ670V, 43UJ670V.

UJ65 Models ( in 75", 70", 65", 60", 55", 49" & 43"):75UJ651*, 75UJ657*, 75UJ658*, 70UJ657*, 65UJ651*, 65UJ652*, 65UJ654*, 65UJ658*, 60UJ651*, 60UJ652*, 60UJ654*, 60UJ658*, 55UJ651*, 55UJ652*, 55UJ654*, 55UJ658*, 49UJ650*, 49UJ651*, 49UJ652*, 49UJ654*, 49UJ656*, 43UJ650*, 43UJ651*, 43UJ652*, 43UJ656*.

UJ63 Models( in 65", 60", 55", 49" & 43") : 65UJ630*, 65UJ632*, 65UJ634*, 60UJ630*, 60UJ632*, 60UJ634*, 55UJ630*, 55UJ631*, 55UJ632*, 55UJ634*, 55UJ635*, 49UJ630*, 49UJ632*, 49UJ634*, 49UJ635*, 43UJ630*, 43UJ632*, 43UJ634*, 43UJ635*.

UJ62 Models (in 65", 55", 49" & 43") : 65UJ620*, 55UJ620*, 49UJ620*, 43UJ620*.

(4) Main Features  and  Complete list of "LJ" Series i.e. 1080p (720p in some low-end 32inches) 

Main Feature
a: Full HD (1080p) resolution  and HD (720p in some low-end 32inch)
b: Standard IPS-LED Display.
c: No HDR
d: Smart TV (Non-Smart in LJ52 downwards)
e: 20 Speakers.
f: 2 HDMI (3 in some higher models)
e: 1 USB (2 in some higher models)

<img src="lg.jpg" alt="Complete Lists of 2017 LG TV">

LJ62 Models (in 55", 49", 43" & 32"): 55LJ625*, 49LJ624*, 43LJ624", 32LJ622*(1080p),

LJ61 Models (in 55", 49", 43" & 32") : 55LJ615*, 49LJ610*, 49LJ614*, 49LJ617*, 43LJ610*, 43LJ614*, 43LJ617*, 43LJ619*, 32LJ610*, 32LJ616*, 32LJ618*(1080p).

LJ59 Models (in 49", 43" & 32"): 49LJ594*, 43LJ594*, 32LJ590*.

LJ57 Models (in 32" only): 32LJ570*, 32LJ57D*.

LJ55 Models (in 55", 49", 43" & 32"): 55LJ550*, 49LJ550*, 49LJ554*, 49LJ555*, 43LJ550*, 43LJ553* 49LJ554*, 32LJ550*.

LJ54 Models (in 55", 49", 43" & 32"): 55LJ540*, 49LJ540*, 43LJ530*, 32LJ542*, 32LJ548*.

LJ53 Models (in 43" & 32"): 43LJ531*, 32LJ530*.

LJ52 Models (in 49", 43" & 32") : 49LJ523", 43LJ522*, 43LJ523*, 43LJ525*, 32LJ520*, 32LJ522*, 32LJ523*.

LJ51 Models (in 49", 43" & 32"): 49LJ510*, 49LJ515*, 43LJ510*, 43LJ515*, 32LJ510*.

LJ50 Models (in 49", 43" & 32"): 49LJ500*, 43LJ500*, 32LJ500*.

And Finally, "*" that were put in place of the Serial Numbers indicates numbers, and alphabets sometimes,  which distinguish certain models that made for certain region (countries) of the world. Also, they indicates different numbers of HDMI ports, USB ports and Speaker output Watts that be can be found in TVs of the same Models. Furthermore they can be used to differentiate between Smart and Non-Smart (Dumb) TV of the same Models


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