Qualcomm Releases Snapdragon 632, 439 and 429 For Mid-range And Low-budget Phones.

Qualcomm has introduced 3 processors for mid range and low budget smartphones and they are Snapdragon 632, 439 and 425. Qualcomm also designed the processors for these phones' users in order for them to enjoy some of the features that are normally found in the flagship and premium phones, at affordable prices. In other words;
 -This is a response, on the part of the US Chip maker, to the moves of many smartphone makers who are shifting their attention to the emerging markets. Because, the smartphone makers have realized that the demands for the low-budget and mid range phones are increasing and these increasing demands are coming from the emerging markets.
-In addition, Qualcomm specifically designed these new midrange Snapdragon processors to support latest features such as high speed LTE, dual-camera, Enahnced AI features, Full HD+ etc. in low budgets phones.
Therefore, these phone users will have the opportunity to enjoy trendy features, also, at affordable price.

1) Snapdragon 630; is an Octa-Core processor and it falls under the 600 series of the Snapdragon processors. Although, it has CPU Clock Speed of up to 1.8GHz, with the aid of 8x Qualcomm kryo 250 CPU, Snapdragon 632 offers 40% performance improvement over its predecessors i.e. Snapdragon 620 and 625 that have clock speed of 2.0 and 2.2 GHz respectively. Like its predecessors, Snapdragon 632 has same Qualcomm Adreno 506 GPU, but boasts of enhanced graphics performance. Therefore, Snapdragon 632 can be said to be in the league of former slightly powerful Snapdragon 630, however, Snapdragon 632 is distinctively designed for recent Full HD+ (2160*1080) Displays and improved Artificial Intelligence (AI) Features, and this also could be said of the other two new processors. On camera compatibility, Snapdragon 632 supports either up to 24MP single camera or up to 13MP Dual camera, it also supports other camera features such as Optical Zoom, real-time bokeh and Wide-angle. The new processor has the ability to capture up to 4k video @ 30fps, and it also features Bluetooth 5.0 and X9 LTE Modem which has peak download speed of 300 Mbps.

2) Snapdragon 439; is an 8x Arm Cortex A53 Octa-Core processor and it belongs to the group of Snapdragon 400 series  processors. The Snapdragon 439 CPU Clock speed is up to 1.95 GHz, however, Qualcomm kryo 250 CPU is absent in this processor, still the processor boasts of 25% improvement in processing performance and battery life over its predecessors. The new processor comes with previous Qualcomm Adreno 505 GPU, but the new processor offers better graphic performance. Like Snapdragon 632, Snapdragon 439 is made for the latest Full HD+ (2160*1080) Displays, and enhanced AI features. It support up to 21MP single camera or up to 8MP (each) Dual camera, it includes real-time bokeh and Wide-angle features. The processor has ability to capture and play back up to 1080p video @ 30fps. But, unlike Snapdragon 632, Snapdragon 439 comes with lower X6 LTE Modem which has peak download speed of 150Mbps. Other features of the processor are Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

3) Snapdragon 429; is under the  Snapdragon 400 series too. This is a 64 bit, 4x Arm Cortex A53 processor. Its CPU Clock Speed is also up to 1.95 GHz. Although the processor comes with former Qualcomm Adreno 504 GPU, it boasts of 50% improvement in GPU performance over its predecessors.
And while Snapdragon 632 and 439 support Full HD+ Displays, Snapdragon 429 is designed for lower but latest HD+ (1440*720) Displays. On camera compatibility, the processor supports either 16MP single camera or 8MP dual camera, and it also includes real-time bokeh and Wide-angle features. It can also capture and play back up to 1080p video @ 30fps. Snapdragon 429 also has Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 technology and X6 LTE Modem.

And there are expectation that these processors will start to appear in phones from the second quarter of this year.

Image Credit: Todd Haselton, technobufallo


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