Asus Unveiled World's First Laptop That Replaced Touchpad with 5.5" ScreenPad.

Zenbook Pro is premium laptop models of the ASUS. It should be noted that Dell XPs and Zenbook Pros are among the high-end laptops in the market, which often serve as alternatives to MacBook Pro, for Window users.

ScreenPad: The prominent and innovative feature of this year Zenbook Pro 15 is its smart-touchpad which Asus called "ScreenPad", the term is derived from TouchSCREEN and TouchPAD. Basically, in the position of regular Touchpad, you'll find a stunning 5.5" Full HD (1080p) Touchscreen, doing the work of standard Touchpad and more. In other words, it's like founding your 5.5" smartphone being integrated into the area that are once occupied by the touchpad of your favourite laptop, and now it can do the functions of your smart phone and at the same time, that of your touchpad too.

ScreenPad Apps: apart from functioning as standard touchpad, ScreenPad can independently function like a smartphone through its various launching Apps without interrupting what you are doing on the laptop main screen. Therefore, on this ScreenPad, you can watch YouTube videos via Chrome web browser, you can listen to your favourite tracks through the Music Player App, you can do the calculation through the Calculator App, also there is a Numeric App and so on., all these Apps are referred to as ScreenPad Apps and there are many of them on the 5.5" ScreenPad and they are well  organized too. Also, Office Applications such as Access, Excel, and PowerPoint are included, providing the quick and shortcut access and adjustments to the works on the main screen. In ScreenPad, there is also Asus Sync;  that enables you to wirelessly pair your phone with the Zenbook Pro thereby allowing you to access your phone functions. And finally you can extend tasks on ScreenPad to the main Display and vice versa.
<img src="ScreenPad.jpg" alt="Asus Unveiled World's First Laptop That Replaced Touchpad with 5.5" ScreenPad">

Gorgeous Display: Besides ScreenPad, Zenbook Display is another outstanding feature, with height slightly higher than that of MacBook pro, Zenbook has an ultra-slim sides and top bezels, which are also slimmer than those of the MacBook Pro. The 15.6" screen itself is bright and vivid, with 4k (UHD) resolution, the images and videos appear pin-sharp and detailed. The screen also has precise and realistic colours thereby making the Zenbook Pro 15 a good choice for Photo Editors and Graphic Designers. Though, there are options of Full HD (1080p) resolution, Touchscreen and active Stylus which Asus called ASUS Pen.

Design, Performance and Hardwares:
In overall, Zenbook Pro 15 is an attractive laptop; it has a solid built body, with a mixture of aluminium and plastic design. Also, It is a light and thin laptop with a weight of 1.88kg and thickness of 18.9mm. It is a high performance laptop; preloaded with Window 10 Pro, it has a powerful 8th generation Intel Core i9 (hexacore) processor. However, there are options of Core i7 and Core i5 processor for users too, especially on the 14" model of the laptop. It has higher RAM of 16GB, and for intensive gaming and graphic works, it has 4GB of powerful and up to task Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Graphics Card. For Zenbook storage drive, there are options of either 1 TB/512 GB of PCIe SSD or 512/256 GB SATA SSD. With certified Harman Kardon speakers, Zenbook Pro 15 delivers clear and incredible sound that is hard to come by in so many recent laptops of the same class.

Despite its 4k 15.6" Display and powerful Nvidia GTX Graphic Card, when fully charged, the laptop's high capacity battery of 71Wh can last up to 9hrs under heavy usage. Under the same condition, the battery life of 14" version of Zenbook Pro will last more than 12hrs. And when the battery is low, Zenbook's fast charge feature quickly recharge the battery up to 60% under 50 minutes. Zenbook Pro 15 has other important features such as Fingerprint reader, Type C-USB and so on.

Image Source: Vlad Savor, The Verge

Below are the full Configurations of Asus Zenbook Pro 15;

Zenbook Pro 15.
Year Unveiled
June 2018.
Operating System
Window 10 professional.
15.6" 4K UHD (3200*1800) touch display/ 15.6 Full HD (1920*1080).
8th Gen. Intel Quad-Core i9/ Intel Core i7.
4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.
1TB/512GB PCIe SSD or 512GB/256GB SATA SSD.
Wireless Connection
Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi (802.11ac Gigabit).
USB 3.1 Gen.2 Type-C with Thunderbolt 3 (2X), USB Type-A (2X), HDMI 1.4 (1X), MicroSD Card reader (1X).
Fingerprint reader.
Harman Kardon certified Asus SonicMaster Premium Speakers.
71Whr Battery, Can last over 9hrs, come with “Quick Charge” feature.


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