Samsung Galaxy S9, The Upgraded Version of S8.

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After weeks of speculations and leaks, Samsung S9 and S9+ were finally unveiled on Feb. 25th (as scheduled) at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018), Barcelona, Spain. And the duo hit stores on March 16th.
In appearance, there is no obvious departure from S8 & S8+ except in minor tweaks at the back of the phones such as re-positioning of fingerprint reader and the introduction of double-camera for S9+, also there is an increase in weight and thickness. Although some people were expecting bells and whistles specs and changes that S8 brought which is quite a departure from S7 designs, they didn't quite see much difference between S9 and its predecessor when it was eventually unveiled.

Apart from these small hardware alterations and improvements, especially in S9+, every other aspects are almost the same as that of S8s, therefore, because of these almost alike designs, it could be said that the S9 is either improved version of S8 or it is in a class of its own.

Hence, the following are changes or improvements that distinguish S9 from S8.
  1. Reposition of Fingerprint Reader.
  2. Introduction of Vertically aligned Dual-camera lens for S9+.
  3. Introduction of Physically adjusted dual-aperture camera for both S9 and S9+.
  4. Increase in RAM for S9+.
  5. Slight increase in weight and thickness for both.
  6. Improvements in audio volume and sound quality.
  7. Introduction of Super Slow-Motion.
  8. Introduction of AR Emoji.
  9. Introduction of Selfie-Focus.
  10. O.S: Android 8.0 (Oreo)
  11. Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon "845"

<img src="infinix.jpg" alt="Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Specification And Review">
 Repositioning of fingerprint reader: Many are of the opinion that the position of fingerprint reader in S8 & S8+ is awkward for the user. The scanner, which was placed closely at the right side of the camera is sometimes, claimed to cause smudges (from finger) to the camera lens. Fortunately, Samsung respond to this by placing the scanner below the camera lens in S9 and S9+.

Introduction of Vertically aligned Dual-camera lens for S9+; The S9+ come with vertically oriented dual-cameras. Like other top-range smartphones with dual cameras, the S9+ dual lens give one the opportunity to take the standard Wide-angle pictures and also Portrait mode pictures, in which background is blurred in order to make the subject of the picture more pronounced or highlighted.       

Introduction of Physically adjusted dual-aperture camera for both S9 and S9+: The back camera of S9 and the main one (of the 2) of S9+ come with "dual-aperture" device. The advantage of dual-aperture is that it brings out the quality pictures from the shots taking in low-lights and too bright environments. When taking pictures in low lights or dimly-lit environments, dual aperture device
 automatically adjust itself to let in more light in order to make the picture bright and clear. On the other hand, when taking pictures in a very bright weather conditions or environments, it automatically controls the lights for optimum results.   

Increase in RAM for only S9+: Like its predecessors (S8 and S8+), the S9 has the same 4gb Ram. However, instead of 4gb Ram, S9+ has 6gb Ram.

Increased weight: They are little heavier than their predecessors. The weight of S8 and S8+ are 155g and 163g respectively, but the weight of current S9 and S9+ are 173g and 189g respectively.

Increased thickness: Unlike S8 and S8+ which have thickness of 8.0 and 8.1mm, both S9 and S9+ have thickness of 8.5mm.

Improvements in audio volume and sound quality: Inclusion of the second phone speaker at the bottom edge of the phone improves the sound quality and volume of the audios, videos and calls (on phone speaker).

Super Slow-Mo 960 fps: Samsung boast of Super slow-motion, in both S9 and S9+, that capture video in 960 frame-per-seconds (fps), in HD (720) though. If you want it in 1080p, the Slow-motion will be at regular 240fps.

Introduction of the AR (Augmented Reality) Emoji: With this, all you need to do is taking a selfie picture of yourself with a smiling face (and without glasses is advised) and closed mouth, then follow a simple step-by-step process of customization which will eventually result into your avatar. You can share the your AR Emoji (Avatar) among your friends and loved ones.

Selfie Focus: with the single camera (instead of 2), Selfie focus also lets you take picture in portrait mode with the effects that blur the background of the subject.

The following are some of the features of S8 that are still the same in S9;

 Screen sizes, type and resolution are still the same;
Just like S8 and S8+, the size of S9 screen is 5.8-inch, while that of S9+ is 6.2 inches. The screen aspect ratios is still 18.5:9 with Conning Gorilla Glass 5. The resolution for both is still 2960x1440, Super AMOLED screen, edge-to-edge (curved) "Infinity Display".
 Although, Samsung claimed that the bezel of S9 and S9+is a little thinner than that of S8 and S8+, you'll have to place S9 side by side with S8 and look close enough, for you to spot the difference.

Wireless charging and waterproofing (IP68 certified).

The battery capacity of S9 is 3000 mAh and that of S9+ is 3500 mAh.

3.5 mm headphone Jack still remains.

Both have 64GB internal storage (though expandable to 400GB this time).

Then, there are also Bixby, Face ID, Fingerprint reader, Iris scanner etc.

Maker: Samsung Mobile
Phone Name: Galaxy S9 and S9+
Year Released: March, 2018.
Colour: Midnight Black, Lilac Black,
Coral Blue, Titanium Gray
Thickness: 8.5mm (Both)
Weight: 163g (S9), 189g (S9+)

Type: Infinity Display( edge-to-edge)
Super AMOLED-LCD Touchscreen
Size & Resolution:
5.8" Quad HD+ (1440*2960) 570 ppi
6.2" Quad HD+ (1440*2960) 529 ppi
Aspect Ratio:18:9
Protection: Corning Glass 5

Processor: 2.8GHz+1.7Ghz, 64-bit,
Ram: 4Gb (S9), 6Gb (S9+)
Internal Storage: 64Gb (Both)
External Storage: MicroSD, up to 400Gb.

O.S Android Oreo(8.0 Version)

SIM Type: Nano; Single or Dual slots.
Supported Network: GSM , WCDMA and 4G

Primary S9: 12MP, AF, Dual Aperture
Primary S9+: 12MP, AF, Dual Aperture
(F1.5mode/F2.4mode). AND 12MP, AF,
F2.4 aperture.

Secondary (Both) : 8MP, Autofocus(AF),
F1.7 Aperture.

USB type-C, Bluetooth 5.0, WIFI, GPRS,

Video Player and Audio Player: YES
3.5mm Jack (headphone): YES

Fingerprint Sensor,G-sensor, Proximity
sensor, Iris sensors, HR Sensors,
Pressure Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor,
Accelerometer, Geomagnetic Sensor, RGB
Light Sensor, Barometer, Hall Sensor.

(Li-Ion), 3000mAh (S9) & 3500mAh (S9+)
Non-Removable: YES
Fast Charging: YES
Wireless Charging: YES

 CC : angelo  cianci on flickr, on flickr

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