Samsung TV Terms And Their Basic Meaning.

The following are the list of Samsung's TV terms and their basic meaning. And this is because there are many TV terms that can only be attributed to the TV company. Though, the list also comprises a few generic terms that can be associated with other TV brands.

Quantum Processor 8K: Debut in the year 2018 Samsung's 8K QLED (Q900B) TV, Quantum Processor 8K makes use of AI-Upscalling to upscale 4k and other lower non-4k contents, such as 1080p and 720p videos, to an 8k-like resolution. The processor also enhance the audio and picture quality of the content with the aid of the machine learning.

Quantum Processor 4K: Introduced in all of the 2019 Samsung 4K UHD TV with QLED displays. Like the Quantum Processor 8K, the Quantum Processor 4K also uses AI-Upscalling to upscale lower contents such as 1080p, 720p and SD to a 4k-like resolution. Also the processor make use of the machine learning to improve the picture and audio quality of the content or video.

PurColor engine: Samsung's PurColour picture engine combines and adjust (with precision) the primary and secondary colours (magenta, cyan and yellow) to produce colour spectrum that has a wider range of colour shades. The PurColor engine helps the Samsung 2019 entry level TV, such as RU7100 and RU7300, to deliver shades of colours as nature intended.

Dynamic Crystal Colour engine: It delivers a much wider colour gamut and better colour tones than PurColor engine. It also offers deeper blacks and brighter whites, which help the Samsung TVs, such as the RU7400 and RU8000 of the 2019 line up, to achieve a vibrant and a more vivid picture.

Quantum Dot engine: Apart from its 100% colour volume, i.e. its ability to cover 100% DCI-P3 (Digital Cinema Initiatives) Colour Space. In other words, besides its ability to cover a more wider colour gamut or deliver over a billion colours, LED-TV with Quantum Dot picture engine or simply Q-LED TV, also offers higher contrast and better black levels than the standard LED TV. Therefore, the QLED TV displays a much more vibrant picture and a far richer colours than the standard LED TV. Meanwhile, the higher models of the 2019 QLED TV features the latest Ultra Viewing Angle.

Ultra Viewing Angle: Introduced in the 2019 Samsung TV line up, Ultra Viewing Angle ensures that the picture qualities (colours, contrast and black levels) of your QLED TV remain the same, irrespective of your sitting or viewing position. UVA also features antireflective technology, whivh also removes reflections and glares on your TV screen.
Ultra Viewing Angle feature is found on the Q900BR, Q950R, Q90R, Q85R and Q80R models of the Samsung 2019 TV line up.

Note: Ultra-Viewing-Angle (UVA) is different from the 2018 Wide Viewing Angle (WVA), which is now found on the 2019 Q75R, Q70R, Q65R, Q60R and RU8000.

One Invisible Connection (One Connect System):
Basically, the goal One Connect System is to make your Samsung TV free of all the usual connection cables, when you hang it on the wall.
One Connect System: is a process whereby all the physical connections (cables) are connected to a separate box called the One Connect Box, this One Connect Box, in turn, is then connected to the Samsung TV via Near-Invisible-Cable. And inside the Near Invisible-Cable is an ultra-slim power cable and signal cable. Meanwhile, compare to the previous One Connect Box that has 2.0 HDMI Ports, the 2019 One Connect Box features Full bandwidth HDMI 2.1, which allows the playbacks of 8K content with higher frame rate of 60Hz.

Samsung PQI (Picture Quality Index): Is the Samsung's rating system, used by the company to rank its TV models or lineups according to their picture qualities. In this rating scale, the higher the PQI, the better the picture qualities of the Samsung TVs. For instance, while the 100/150PQI is mostly given to the basic tv models especially, the previous 32-inch Series 4. On the other hand, the 4300PQI, introduces in 2019, goes to the Ultra-Premium 98-inch Q950R and Q900BR.
NB: Lower PQI doesn't mean the TV has a bad Picture Qualities, as all Samsung TVs lineups are known for their best picture quality compare to other brands, it just means that some offers better black shades (also purer whites) and covers wider colour gamut than others.

Ambient Mode: Debut in the 2018 Samsung's flagship QLED TVs. Basically, it can be liken to the traditional PC's screensaver, but it does more than that. Instead of showing black screen, Ambient Mode kicks in when the TV is not in use or showing videos. Ambient Mode also consumes lesser power, compare to when the TV is showing videos.
The mode comes with a few wallpapers or decorative backgrounds. It also allow the TV to mimic the wall of your room, thereby making your Samsung TV to relatively disappeared. And this can be done by uploading the picture of the wall (behind the TV) to your Samsung TV, which enables the TV to blend in (or disappeared) with the  interior of your living room.

Apart from displaying decorative backgrounds and mimicking your interior decor, Ambient mode can also display news headlines, weather updates, your personal pictures (or photos) and works of art.
And you have access to its settings through SmartThings App (on your smartphone), through the Ambient Mode button (on the remote control), through Voice Command (also via the remote control) and through the Smart Hub Menu (on the TV).

Samsung Lifestyle TVs:
Samsung Lifestyle TVs make up of the Frame TV and Serif TV:
Frame TV: Although Frame TV is another model of the Samsung 4K TV, its main purpose can be liken to that of the Ambient Mode, in other words, Frame TV was designed to be more of a Digital Painting than regular TV. To serve its purpose, Frame TV features No-Gap Wall-Mount, One Invisible Connection and swappable magnetic bezels (optional); all these to make the TV really appear like a real piece of Art. It's also preloaded with 20 pieces of high quality artworks which the TV displays when it's not in use, and you have access to more of the artworks on the Samsung Art Store.

Serif TV: On the other hand, Serif TV is more of an aesthetic electronic furniture; designed to complement your interior decor. Serif TV also has Ambient Mode, which enables the TV to blend in with other items in the room.
Serif TV, features stand and its more wider flat top can serve as a shelf where you can place some of your small stuff.

NOTE: The 2019 Lifestyle TV features QLED Display, unlike their predecessors that has standard VA-LED Display. Therefore, the QLED Display enables the 3019 Samsung Lifestyle TVs to deliver a more realistic picture and stunning colours than their predecessors.

Local Dimming: The goal is to achieve perfect blacks in a dark scene that involves bright object(s), without losing the contrast of the bright object. To achieve this, local dimming tries to dim the LED lights of the particular dark region to make it look more darker which enhance the perceived contrast of the bright objects. In fact, the goal is to achieve almost perfect contrast level.

Samsung TV with FALD (Full Array local Dimming) combines Full Array Direct-lit backlights with Local dimming technology to produce a better blacks levels without compromising the contrast.
In details, unlike the Edge-lit TV (read below), both Standard Direct-lit TV and Full Array Direct-lit TV have their LED lights placed directly behind the screen.
But, while the LED lights of the Standard Direct-lit TV are arranged across the back of the screen, those of the Full Array Direct-lit TV are evenly dispersed on the back of the screen. Because the Full Array Backlighting has more numbers of LED lights and these LED lights are also evenly distributed, it's best choice when its comes to the implementation of the local dimming.

FALD TV: An LED TV that combines Full Array Direct Backlit with Local Dimming technology, is mostly referred to as the one with Full Array Local Dimming (FALD).
Because of the ability of the FALD to deliver better contrast and superior picture quality, FALD is mostly implemented in Samsung flagship TVs. For instance the FALD is found in the premium models of the 2019 Q-LED TV series i.e. Q70R (& Q75R), Q80R, Q85R, Q90R, Q950R and Q900RB.

Still, the more the number of LED zones or local dimming zones, the better the contrast and the deeper the blacks will be. And because the 2019 QLED TV Models with FALD, have different numbers of dimming zones, so you should expect different picture qualities from them.

Samsung Micro Dimming (and Edge-lit Backlighting): Basically, Samsung Micro dimming is based on local dimming technology, but it's mostly found on the Samsung TV with Edge-lit Backlits. And like the FALD, micro dimming is used by the Samsung to achieve improved contrast and better black levels in some of its TV lineups.
Micro Dimming is found on the most of the 2019 Edge-lit Backlights models i.e. RU7100, RU7300, RU7400, RU8000, Q60R and Samsung Lifestyle TV (Frame and Serif).

And also like in the FALD, how precise the Micro dimming is, also depends on the number of dimming zones, so the higher the number of zones, the better the picture quality. And Samsung have a few dimming features attached to its micro dimming technology, which gives you hints on the dimming zones of these TVs and perhaps, their performance. For instance, there is UHD Dimming, Supreme UHD Dimming and the recent Ultimate UHD Dimming. And because the Ultimate UHD Dimming offers more dimming zones than the previous two, therefore, it has higher contrast and better black levels.

Real Game Enhancer:
The Samsung TV gaming technology combines 3 gaming features, to deliver pleasant gaming experience for the players. In other words, while the Game Motion Plus ensures smoother gaming by removing motion blur and judder, the Auto Game Mode minimizes or reduces input lag. Meanwhile, the FreeSync or AMD Radeon FreeSync, with variable refresh rate (VRR) technology, ensures that the refresh rate of your console and that of your Samsung TV remain in a perfect sync, thereby, prevent tearing and stuttering during gaming.

AirPlay2 allows you to wirelessly share media contents from your Apple's iPhone, iPad or MacBook to the new Samsung TV.
In addition to the AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also going to be present in all model of the 2019 Samsung TV line up. However, the Samsung Virtual Assistant, i.e. Bixby may not be available on the entry level models.


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