Infinix S4 Vs Infinix Smart 3 Plus: Specifications and Price.

Infinix S4 and smart 3 plus

INFINIX S4 (X626 and X626B).
6.2" HD+(1520×720) IPS-LCD notched-Display.
269ppi, 19:9 Aspect Ratio.
Android 9.0 (Pie), XOS 5.0 Cheetah.
M6762 Helio P22 MediaTek chipset,
2.0GHz, Octa-Core Processor.
Triple-lens (13MP+8MP+2MP) Back Camera.
Single-lens (32MP) Front Camera.
3GB/6GB of RAM.
32GB/64GB Internal Storage.
4000mAh Battery Capacity.
4G LTE: Yes.
Fingerprint Reader, Face Unlock: Yes.
6GB RAM+64GB ROM (72,500 Naira)
3GB RAM+32GB ROM (62,500 Naira)

6.2" HD+(1520×720) IPS-LCD notched-Display.
269ppi, 19:9 Aspect Ratio.
Android 9.0 (Pie), XOS 5.0 Cheetah.
M6761 Helio A22 MediaTek chipset,
2.0GHz, Quad-Core Processor.
Triple-lens (13MP+2MP+QVGA) Back Camera.
Single-lens (32MP) Front Camera.
2GB of RAM.
32GB Internal Storage.
3500mAh Battery Capacity.
4G LTE: Yes.
Fingerprint Reader, Face Unlock: Yes.
Price: 48,500 Naira

Despite the fact that both Infinix Smart 3 and Smart 3 Plus (the successors to the last year's Infinix Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro) are released together, Infinix Smart 3 Plus doesn't look like the Infinix Smart 3.
While the Smart 3 shares looks with the earlier models, Smart 3 Plus looks exactly like the S4; which is another recently produced smartphone from the Infinix Mobility.

Therefore, and because the Infinix Smart 3 Plus and Infinix S4 look alike in every aspect, we'll thoroughly examine the specifications of Infinix Smart 3 Plus, and compare them to those of the Infinix S4.

Infinix S4 And Smart 3 Plus Design;
From their front views, it's difficult to tell Smart 3 Plus apart from the Infinix S4, and it is because both of them feature the same 6.2-inch displays, same Waterdrop screen-notches and 19:9 screen aspect ratio.

Turning them on their backs, however, you'll start to notice the glaring and subtle differences between the duo.

Apart from their names which are written below their backs, another glaring difference between the duo is the positioning of their LED flash, while the LED flash of the Smart 3 Plus is enclosed, together, with the phone's triple-lens back camera, the LED flash of the S4 is outside the cameras' enclosure.

The third, but subtle, difference between the two phones lies in their back covers; while the back of the Infinix S4 is made up of a brilliant and glassy material otherwise known as the Polycarbonate which gives the pricier phone a premium look and feel.

On the other hand, the back cover of the Smart 3 Plus is made up of plastic, though it's glossy and reflective like that of the S4.

Furthermore, the S4 has more weight than the Smart 3 Plus, while the pricier phone has a weight of 155g, the Smart  3 Plus weigh 148g. Also, with a thickness of 7.9mm, the S4 is slightly thicker than the Smart 3 Plus, which has a thickness of 7.8mm.

Besides those stated differences, there  are no obvious one(s) again.
Therefore, the two have their triple back cameras arranged in the same manner, and their fingerprint scanners are found in the similar spot, in fact, the scanners even share the same look.
S4 and smart 3 plus
Price and Design Colours;
Meanwhile the Smart 3 Plus comes in 4 different colours of Aqua Blue, Cosmic Purple, Bordeaux Red and Midnight Black, the Infinix S4 on the other hand, comes in 3 gradient colours of Nebula Blue, Twilight Purple and Space Gray.

Smart 3 Plus is fitted with 2GB RAM and 32GB in-built storage. And the current price of the phone is about 48,500.

Meanwhile, Infinix S4 comes in 2 variants of 3GB RAM and 6GB RAM, and these variants are fitted with the internal storage size of 32GB and 64GB respectfully. The starting price of the X626 is 62,500 (about $125) while that of the X626B is 72,500 (about $153).

Verdict: I believe Infinix releases Smart 3 Plus, for its fans, who desires the design and specs of more classy Infinix S4, in a less pricey phone, like Smart 3 Plus.

Below are the full details of the Infinix S4 and Smart 3 Plus specs.

Both feature identical 6.2-inch displays.
Both Infinix S4 and Smart 3 Plus displays are identical in every aspect; therefore, like some recent phones such as Tecno Spark 3 and Infinix Hot 7, the new phones sport 6.2-inch HD+ (720p) Display and 19:9 screen aspect ratio.
infinix Smart 3 plus
Though the HD+ resolution of the new display is made up of 1520x720 pixels instead of the 1500x720 pixels that comes with the displays of those recent phones.
In other words, the changes in the screen resolution indicate that the new phones' screen comes with a pixel density of 269ppi, which is a little different from the 268ppi, found on the screen of those phones.

Waterdrop notch is another feature that differentiates the 6.2-inch displays of the Infinix S4 and Smart 3 Plus from those of the others.

In other words, instead of the regular notch that comes with other 6.2-inch displays, the new phones' displays feature waterdrop notch; which enables these displays to offer more screen real estate than those ones with the regular notch.

Unlike regular notch, however, besides the front camera and speaker, the waterdrop notch has a little, or no space again to accommodate notification LED flash.

Furthermore, compare to those of others, you should expect brighter pictures and vivid videos from the Infinix S4 and Smart 3 Plus' 6.2-inch displays. This is because their displays come with a screen brightness of about 500nit.
Infinix S4
S4 Has a Better Processing Power:
Though both phones are equipped with the MediaTek chipset and they may also seem to have the same processing speed of 2.0GHz.

However, both phones have different processing power; because Smart 3 Plus is powered by the MT6761 Helio A22 Cortex-A53 Quad-Core chipset, which is slightly less powerful, compare to the MT6762 Helio P22 Cortex-A53 Octa-Core chipset, found on the Infinix S4.

Meanwhile, for their games and other graphics related tasks, both phones are fitted with the same PowerVR 8320 GPU.
The new Smart 3 Plus and Infinix S4 are also preloaded with Android 9 Pie with the latest Infinix XOS, Cheetah 5.0 UI.

Infinix S4 Comes with higher RAM;
Both the Smart 3 Plus and the lower version of the S4 have the same 32GB internal storage space. However, the lower version of the S4 has 3GB RAM, instead of the 2GB RAM that comes with the Smart 3 Plus.

Meanwhile the higher version of the Infinix S4 comes with a more better RAM of 6GB and 64GB internal storage capacity.
As usual, both the Smart 3 Plus and the Infinix S4 inbuilt storage can be expanded through Micro SD Card of up to 128GB.

S4 Front Camera is Far Better Than That of The Smart 3 Plus;
While the Smart 3 Plus has 8MP front camera, Infinix S4 comes with a much better 32MP Selfie camera.
Although both phones' front cameras are AI-enabled, the higher megapixels front camera of the S4 offers clearer, detailed and more realistic Selfie pictures.

Also, while both phones' front cameras support low light selfies, with Infinix S4, the result would be much better because the phone's front camera has a bigger sensor which gives the camera the privilege to accommodate more light.

The Triple Rear Camera of the S4 Is Also Much Better:
Although both phones come with triple-lens back cameras, and these triple-lens cameras are vertically arranged on the back of each phones, also, these cameras are powered by AI.

However, with close examinations of their specs, it shows that the back cameras of the Infinix S4 come with a Quad-LED Flash, while those of the Smart 3 Plus are fitted, together, with a Dual-LED Flash.

Furthermore, the back cameras of the Infinix S4 packed more power than those of the 3 Smart Plus;

First, like some recent phones from the Infinix Mobility, even Tecno Mobile, the first two cameras of the S4 comprises of the 13MP Main lens and 2MP Telephoto lens, while the newly introduced third camera, found on the back of the S4, is made up of 8MP lens and it's called Ultra-Wide-Angle lens, which enables the new phone to capture 120 degree field of view, i.e. it allows you to capture more of what is in front of you with no need to step backwards.

On the other hand, and like in the S4, Smart 3 Plus also has the same 13MP Main lens and 2MP Telephoto lens, and it also features a third camera too; called QVGA.

However, the third camera of the Smart 3 Plus shouldn't be mistaken for Ultra-Wide-Angle camera, like that of the S4, instead it is called Night Detection camera, meaning; it's meant for low-light shots.

Because the megapixels of this camera is not disclosed, but referred to as QVGA instead, this indicates that the lens is either made up of 0.3MP or 0.2MP.

4000mAh vs 3500mAh battery;
Again, when it comes to their battery lives, the Infinix S4 is fitted with better battery capacity, while the S4 is equipped with a non-removable 4000mAh battery, Smart 3 Plus comes with a 3500mAh battery, also non-removable.

Not sure about 6GB RAM version though, but the Smart 3 Plus and the 3GB RAM version of the S4 do not support fast charging, so you should expect your new phone to go beyond couple of hours before it'll be fully charged.


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