iPhone XS Max price, specifications and full review.

<img src="iPhone.jpg" alt="iPhone XS Max Specification And Price">Like the two other new iPhones (iPhone XS and iPhone XR), iPhone XS Max design is also similar to that of iPhone X. But iPhone XS Max has the biggest display of all, because while the two other iPhones come with 5.8-inch and 6.1-inch display, iPhone XS Max comes with ample 6.5-inch screen, and it's the first Apple iPhone to feature such a huge screen size.

Although, despite its larger 6.5-inch
display, the new iPhone XS Max is not the Apple's biggest iPhone, because the new iPhone and the previous iPhone 8 Plus come in almost the same footprints. In other words, Apple has managed to put 6.5-inch screen inside a phone chassis that's hair smaller than that of iPhone 8 plus, though the new iPhone slightly weigh more.

Nevertheless, the iPhone XS Max is one of the few flagship phones in the market to feature such a big 6.5-inch display, in fact, the recent Samsung Note 9 bigger screen is 0.1-inch less than that of the new iPhone.

Again, like the iPhone X, iPhone XS Max comes with an edge to edge display, the notch, glass rear and stainless steel frame. Although Apple said the build quality has been improved in the new iPhone; that both the front and the back of the iPhone XS Max (and iPhone XS) is made up of glass that is tougher than that of iPhone X.

In addition to this, iPhone XS Max is IP68 certified for dust and water resistance, i.e. the new iPhone can survive for up to 30 minutes in dust or water of 2 metres depth, but it should be recalled that iPhone X was IP67 rated, because the phone can survive in dust or water of 1 metre depth for up to 30 minutes.

Apart from the usual Silver and Space Gray, iPhone XS Max also comes in a distinct Gold colour, and the new iPhone Gold finish is more brilliant than that of iPhone 8 plus.

iPhone XS Max starting price for the base model, i.e. the one with 64GB storage is $1099, while the price for the one with 256GB storage is $1249. The price of iPhone XS Max that comes with highest storage of 512GB is $1449.
<img src="iPhone.jpg" alt="iPhone XS Max Specification And Price">
 iPhone XS Max has large OLED display
 Apart from being the first Apple iPhone with larger 6.5-inch screen. Also, it's the company's first iPhone to feature the highest screen-to-body ratio of 84.4 per cent.

Except for those two prominent features, the new iPhone comes with the same edge to edge Super Retina OLED display and the same 19.5:9 aspect ratio found in iPhone X, the display also includes previous iPhone X features such as True Tone display, 3D Touch, Wide Colour (P3) and HDR.

Meanwhile, in an effort to make its fans enjoy the same 458 ppi (the same picture sharpness) of iPhone X on the new iPhone's bigger display, Apple equipped iPhone XS Max with a higher resolution of 2688 by 1242 pixels. Therefore, iPhone XS Max huge display lets out you enjoy more screen real estate and still preserve the clarity and sharpness of the iPhone X.

Latest A12 Bionic processor and Neural Engine
For iPhone XS Max processing power, Apple make use of its new A12 Bionic processor, a 6-core processor with dedicated Neural Engine chip, just like the last year's iPhones A11 Bionic processor. However, while the A11 Bionic is an 10nm (nanometer) processor, the new A12 Bionic is the first 7nm mobile phone processor, therefore, the company says the new processor is up to 15 percent faster than its predecessor and also up to 50 percent power efficient than the previous processor.

In addition to this, the new 4-core Graphics Processing Units (GPU) found in A12 is also 50 percent faster than the GPU inside A11 processor.
Simply put, the iPhone XS Max delivers better performance than any other previous iPhones, and when you put all the new iPhone's faster and better processing power into use, you'll still get a better battery life.

Furthermore, in the last year's iPhones, the first dedicated Neural Engine chip was introduced, which was made for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning Apps, and one of its functions is to help the TrueDepth camera power FaceID unlock and also create Animoji in the previous iPhone X.

However, the iPhone Max features upgraded Neural Engine which Apple referred to as the Next-generation Neural Engine because it is about 10 times faster than the one inside iPhone X.
As a result of this, the company says those Apps that use Neural Engine in the iPhone XS Max will launch 30 percent faster.

In addition to that, this development ensures easier and faster FaceID unlocking in the iPhone XS Max, and according to Apple, even if you put on a hat, grow beard or wear glasses, the new Face ID will recognize you easily. Furthermore, the upgraded Neural Engine also helps you in creating better Animoji or improved Memoji.
<img src="iPhone.jpg" alt="iPhone XS Max Specification And Price"> 
Upgraded RAM with the new iOS 12
To complement the new and improved processor, Apple puts 4GB RAM inside iPhone XS Max (and iPhone XS), which means the new iPhones' memory capacity surpassed that of iPhone X with 1GB of RAM; and it should be recalled that out of the last year's 3 iPhones, iPhone X has the highest RAM of 3GB.

Furthermore, besides standard storage options of 64GB and 256GB, Apple, also present its fans with another storage option of 512GB which is the company's highest storage capacity so far. Therefore, the total number of available storage options for the new iPhone XS Max buyers is now 3.

iPhone XS Max is preloaded with the Apple's iOS 12, the company's latest operating system (O.S.) for its iPhones and mobile devices, and this new O.S is the successor to the last year's iOS 11.

Although the iOS 12 is meant for both the new and existing mobile devices, because of this, Apple says that both the existing and new iPhone users should expect better performances and faster applications launch on their iPhones.

Meanwhile, more than that of iOS 11, the new iOS 12 comes with interesting features such as Instant Tuning which let you group and manage numerous notifications that often flooded your iPhone. Also, Screen Time and Siri shortcuts are some of the new iOS 12 features.

Later, the new iOS will also be featured Group Face Time, which can be used by up to 32 people.
And with the aid of the Next-Gen Neural Engine, the new iOS 12 also helps you to create better Memoji that can also be used for Face Time.

Same, but enhanced, dual back camera
 The new iPhone XS Max back camera set up is the same as that of iPhone X, i.e. iPhone XS Max also comes with the same dual 12MP (f/1.8 wide & f/2.4 telephoto) rear facing camera.

Furthermore, some the features of iPhone X back cameras such as 2x optical zoom, dual OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) and Quad-LED True Tone, can still be found in the new iPhone XS Max back cameras.

Meanwhile, the iPhone XS Max dual back camera comes with enhanced features such as Portrait mode with advanced bokeh and Depth control; this new Depth control allows you to adjust the depth of field (blur effect) in Portraits pictures, after you shoot.

The other new features that can be found in the iPhone XS Max back camera are Smart HDR and upgraded sensor.
And speaking of the upgraded sensor, the iPhone X's primary rear sensor of 1.2um pixels has been replaced with 2 times faster 1.4um sensor in the iPhone XS Max.

This bigger and deeper pixels sensor lets in more light thereby enable the camera to produce bright shots in low-light environments while still maintaining stunning details.

Same, but improved 7MP front facing camera:
Just like in its rear facing dual camera, also the front facing camera set up on the iPhone XS Max is the same as that of iPhone X, in other words, iPhone XS Max comes with 7MP (f/2.2) front facing camera with True Depth technology for Face ID and better Animoji.

And like mentioned earlier, with the help of the latest Next-Gen Neural Engine, the iPhone XS Max front facing camera offers easier, faster and more secure Face ID unlocking, added to this are the new features like Portrait mode with advanced bokeh and Depth control, Smart HDR and improved Memoji.
<img src="iPhone.jpg" alt="iPhone XS Max Specification And Price">

Gigabit LTE and Wireless charging:
For super fast internet downloading speed, Apple adopted Gigabit-Class LTE, or simply Gigabit LTE, in the iPhone XS Max, remember Apple didn't include Gigabit-LTE in its 2017's iPhone X, yet Samsung introduced it in its Galaxy S8 for the same year.

More than 4G (LTE) of the iPhone X, iPhone XS Max Gigabit LTE ensures super fast downloading speed of up to 1Gb per second on the new iPhones, theoretically though. Practically, however, there are reports that while iPhone X downloading speed peaks around 50Mb per second (Mbps), iPhone XS Max (and iPhone XS) peaks around 100 Mbps.

Therefore, and to an extent, this indicates that maximum downloading speed of the new iPhone XS Max should be twice of that of iPhone X. Despite the increased downloading (and uploading) speed, Gigabit LTE is not 5G, in fact, Gigabit LTE is still one step behind 5G technology.

Like the iPhone X, iPhone XS Max also comes with glass back for wireless charging. Although, the new iPhone XS Max wireless charging is said to be faster than that of iPhone X, yet, the new iPhone features the same 7.5W Qi-certified wireless charging that is found in the previous iPhone X.

On the phone's battery lives; because iPhone XS Max is the first Apple iPhone with the biggest display, therefore, the company also equipped the phone with a better battery capacity of 3174 mAh, and the company says that iPhone XS Max can last up to 1 hour 30 mins more than iPhone X.

iPhone XS Max.
Year Announced
Sept. 2018
208 grams (7.34 ounces)
Gold, Silver and Space Gray.
Screen Type
Edge-to-edge Super Retina OLED Display.
Size and Resolution
6.5-inch, 2688x1242 pixels.
Aspect ratio
19.5:9 (458 ppi)
Scratch Resistance.
Apple Bionic Processor.
A12, Hexa-Core.
RAM Memory
ROM Memory
Operating System
Apple iOS-12.
Dual SIM, (Nano & eSIM).
GSM, HSPA+ and Gigabit-Class LTE.
Lightning Connector,
Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi, Location (Geo, Glonass), GPS, QZSS.
Rear Camera (Dual)
12MP, ( f/1.8)) And 12MP (f/2.4),
OIS, 2X Optical Zoom.
Front Camera
7MP, AF,(f/2.2)
3.5mm Headphone jack
Video Playing Formats
Audio Playing Formats
Biometrics Security/Sensors
Face ID.
G-sensor, Proximity sensor, RGB Light sensor, Accelerator and Barometer sensor.
3174 mAh.
Fast Battery Charging
Qi Wireless Charging
IP68 Water Resistance Rating


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